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A life without colouring

but by far color!

It discovers how to use the power of foods to cure your body, to prevent diseases and to obtain the well-being. Simply identifying your constitution and the one of the people who surround to you you can treat a headache without tablets, have the radiating skin, or prevent the cold with your children with a carefully made food.

When you understand the effect that has the circadian rythm on your body, you will learn to be modifying your diet and daily routine to maintain in balance all the year to you. All this is to your reach. In fact, I want to share with you a simple strategy of one old called science Ayurveda that it will in the right direction direct to you from already!

Ayurveda is the way to connect to you with same you through a greater bond with the beautiful cyclical dance of the nature.

AyurvedaLife course

It connects with same you


Last Prescriptions

In logicielbourse you will find prescriptions veganas and vegetarians based on the principles of the millenarian wisdom of the Ayurveda. These plates will nourish that your body much more so that you find the balance between body, mind and spirit.

Inmunizante soup

This soup has as it bases a good dose of white pepper (it itches more than the black since the skin has cleared him) but also you will feel the shocks. This is such an important information, that is why we are using cheap vps web hosting so that more people will know about it. The hosting that we are using is also helping us with HTML code that makes the website looks more appealing and better.

Beaten of Revitalizante Sesame

To enjoy this delicious concoction will give calcium, iron and minerals you that will rejuvenate your body and mind after a long winter. In addition, the slightly laxative nature of

irresitible sponge cake

Most interesting of this sponge cake it is that he is VERY RICO, the fact that does not take gluten and is vegano are extra interesting, I do not deny it, but

Salad of Buds of Soybean

The ideal is to germinate the green soybean or lentils only enough mung, that only shows the buds because thus they maintain the flavor astringent and they will follow crisp.


It would interest to You to learn but on Ayurveda?

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