Puree of pumpkin with the Coco “Kaddu Bharta?

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An autumnal super prescription, the pumpkin is perfect to balance dressing gown that can get out of order with the arrival of the autumn. This delicate mixture of cardamom, fennel and juice of Lima balances the flavor of this puree

Puree of pumpkin with the Coco “Kaddu Bharta?2018-10-29T16: 35:09+00:00

Soup of green soybean (Jewish mungo) and tomato

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The main ingredient of this soup commercializes in Spain as green soybean, also well-known as bean mungo or soybean mungo (Phaseolus aureous), really does not have anything to do with the family of the soybean

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Cream of Carrot and Ginger

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Nothing better than one sopita when it is cold, this one of creamy consistency will warm up thanks to the double action of the carrots and ginger to you. The carrots are very good vitamin source To, one

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An ideal small cover, high in proteins and fiber and if you are in a hurry always you can make trap and use precooked chick-peas of boat (low in prana, but good, while it is the exception and not the rule,

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