Hamburgers of Lentils and Peanut

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These hamburgers are filled with vegetal protein, are rich in hamburger bread, within one pitta or in plan combined plate. That yes, the secret of a great vegetal hamburger is in the dressings. it seems to me that these gain many whole numbers accompanied by tomato, mayonnaise, cheese or a little avocado. Slices of substantial tomato of season and salsita as a very rich and fast yogurt to prepare, or homemade ketchup can be served with some, cheese and mustard… what you like more.


1 cup cooked short grain rice
1 cup and 1/2 of lentils well cooked slipped
1/2 cup of shredded carrots
1 cup and 1/2 of breadcrumbs
3/4 peanut cream cup
2 nosey spoonfuls of soybean sauce
1 toasted sesame oil teaspoon
2 teaspoons of dry basil
2 teaspoons of dry oregano
1 salt teaspoon
1 asafétida teaspoon and 1/2 of
1/2 cup of picadito parsley
1 teaspoon of sweet chilli


It combines all the ingredients in a great earthen bowl and kneads until they are mixed well.

It divides the mixture in 16 portions and with the humid hands you do balls and squashes them until giving 8 hamburger form them of about cms.

It places hamburgers on a tray of furnace slightly lubricated with oil, mételas in the furnace preheated to 200C. Remove them when they have been dried and darkened a little.

The hamburgers are ready to put in the once cold refrigerator until you want them to serve, also you can freeze them for another occasion. When you want them to take you do not have but that to put them in the frying pan with hilillo of oil until warming up them.

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