Espaghetti de crude Calabacín with Basil

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Espaghetti had been years wanting to do these, there since some friendly taught to their cutter in spiral a sunny afternoon to me in Los Angeles by the 2005. Finally the marrows, the cutter joined themselves, the inspiration and the celebration adapted to prepare them… and the success was full.
The amounts of ingredients are approximated because I prepared them with haste and I did not point nor I measured anything, you let to your creativity arise, certainly they leave to you or.
A pair of details: with a grater type box of those of all the life they also leave decent strips marrow, simply it knocks down the grater and it passes the marrow through the side of the heavy holes.
On the other hand I comment to you that the marrow very feels either to constitution people dressing gown and pitta since is of heavy and liquid nature, therefore does not go so or to kapha. As in this prescription it is combined with fresh basil, a delicious aromatic grass that is light, warms up and dry in its effects on the body, mainly leaves a plate balanced for everybody, if it takings in summer, when their ingredients are of season.
Ah! And the latest, if you already leave the cut marrow in a strainer during hour and a half you will obtain that it loosen a pile of liquid, if you go with haste and you skip this step, you will see that after awhile the plate to serve it will be flooded… is not no drama, I I drank the water of marrow without problems, mixed with the seasoning was gazpachillo well flavorful!

4 tender marrows of medium size
Virgin extra olive oil
Juice of lemon just expressed
Fresh basil

To cut to marrows in strips or spirals.
To leave in a strainer to that they loosen liquid during 1 hour (optional)
To mix the oil, juice of lemon, asafétida, basil, salt and pepper.
To flavor the marrow and to serve.

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