Chick-pea curry “Chole?

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She walked short of vegetable so I put chick-peas to soaking for the food of the next day, is recommendable to eat a high protein plate as this several times to the week. The Chole, is a plate of Punjab, you will find it you by the streets of Delhi in sharper version and cebollosa, this is a version sátvica than she is rich and of easy digestion thanks to the spice use just ground. If you are of slow digestions you can cook chick-peas a little more what it is indicated here. It serves Chole with white rice.
With this prescription they leave between 4 and 6 rations.


1 1/4 chick-pea cups
6 water cups
1 leaf of laurel
the seeds of 4 cases of cardamom
6 nails
5 seeds of black pepper
1 branch of cinnamon of 5 cms
1 nosey spoonful of grain cumin
4 nosey spoonfuls of ghee or oil
1 fresh spoonful of gengibre shredded
1/2 teaspoon of cayena
1/2 asafétida teaspoon of
3/4 teaspoon turmeric
2 teaspoons sweet chilli
1 spoonful of worn out seed of coriander
1 spoonful of juice of lemon just expressed
2 salt teaspoons
3 spoonfuls of fresh coriander or parsley


Lava and slips chick-peas, ponlos to good soaking covered with water all night. Before cooking, slip them.

Pon the soaked chick-peas, the water and the leaf of laurel in a pot of 3 liters to high fire until they boil, once arrived on the verge of boiling, low the fire and mantenlos boiling during one hour until they are soft but that they do not undo.

It slips and it keeps the liquid, acquittal the laurel leaf.

Pon a third of chick-peas boiled and slipped in the beater with a little the water in which you have cooked chick-peas. Go them to you until obtaining a smooth puree.
It combines the seeds of cardamom, the nail, the pepper, the branch of cinnamon and grain cumin in a pinwheel and turns the mixture into fine powder.

It warms up ghee or the oil in a frying pan median to upper middle fire. When he is hot it adds gengibre and it skips during 30 seconds. Acquittal the frying pan of the fire and adds cayena, the asafétida one, turmeric, the sweet chilli and the seed of dust coriander. The ground mixture of species, chick-peas, the juice of lemon also throws, the salt and the puree of chick-pea in addition to sufficient water in which you have cooked chick-peas as making a sauce. Leave it to boiling to untimed fire between 6 and 8 minutes, it extinguishes the fire and it decorates curry with the perforated leaves of coriander. It serves the hot plate.


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If you want to know more on Ayurveda or you want to prove other rich vegetarian prescriptions, walk you by this Web, certainly you find inspiration.

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