Stew of Fresh Grass Persian (Gorme Sabsí)

stew of fresh grass

This prescription to the best thing makes him laugh Persian family, but she is one of the Iranian preparations that I like more so I have made this vegetarian version. There is one who had added tofu or wheat gluten to replace the meat, nevertheless as he takes red and very rich string beans is served with rice basmati, seems to me that already we have sufficient assimilable protein for a food.
The Persian stews typically require a long baking to untimed fire, when eliminating the meat the time is reduced, but the flavor of the mixture of fresh grass and “limu amoní? (some you very file used droughts in the Persian kitchen), intensifies equal. You do not worry if you do not have a store of Persian food next to house because with grating and juice of lemon we got out of trouble.
The ayurvédica kitchen also recommends this type of slow baking since it obtains that ingredients that crude are not compatible are made friendly in the pot having produced a harmonious result for the stomach of the companion at table. The bitter flavors of the green leaves with the touch turned yellow of you file them droughts characterize this plate, according to Ayurveda, the bitter flavor it increases the metabolism of the body, scrapes the fat, it purifies the dry body and the secretions of the organism. The bitter flavor readjusts our taste buds and destroys the ills and anxieties to eat certain things, are the flavor that less we found in the modern diet, nevertheless the great ayurvédico doctor Vasant Lad says “to bitter is to better?, the bitter thing is better.



120 grams red string beans put to soaking the previous night
30 grams of fenugreco fresh or 2 nosey spoonfuls of fenugreco dry (it is possible to be replaced by fresh spinach)
150 grams of pricked fresh parsley
100 grams of minced fresh coriander
50 grams of mint
30 grams of perforated fresh dill or 2 nosey spoonfuls of dry dill (optional)
1 teaspoon of hing (asafétida)
4 you file whole droughts (or the juice of 2 lemons and the grating of a lemon)
1/2 teaspoon (2 ml) of salt
2 spoonfuls of olive oil
200 ml of water approximately


It begins boiling the soaked red string beans during 10 minutes to high fire, later you slip them, lava good and you leave them to a side.

It washes grass (coriander, parsley, fenugreco, mint and fresh dill if you are going it to use), acquittal the heaviest stems, slips the grass and pricks it all good.
Half warms up of olive oil to temperature average and throws asafétida and turns frying pan so that not bottom beats to, when it gives off his characteristic aroma, adds grass fresh (it includes fenugreco dry if you are not going to use the fresh air) and fries removing constantly. If you see that it remains dry, it adds more oil to your pleasure. You follow this process about 20 minutes or until the grass has taken a dark tone green, taken care of that does not burn itself.
Now, it adds the red string beans. Do holes to them to you file droughts and adds them sufficient water as covering it everything, if you are going to use lemon grating, add it now.
Pon the cover to the frying pan and leaves everything to low fire during one hour.
When you see that the string beans are tender, limu amonís soft and the stew have a homogenous dot, throw salt and the lemon juice, mixes it everything smoothly and leaves it with the put cover about 10 minutes so that the flavors are integrated.

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