Princely couscous

princely couscous


Couscous, grazes of granulated wheat original of the Maghreb, is good to balance dressing gown since the generally lubrica wheat, it gives energy, and it increases the physical force. If you have kapha unbalanced is better to reduce the wheat ingestion since in excess this cereal can produce increase of weight, and generate too much snot in the body if you have tendency to the allergies or you are caught a cold. On the other hand often it is possible to be bought precooked and, therefore, it is a fast way to put a different food in the table.
As much the marrow as the carrot also cooked benefits to dressing gown for being humid and sweet respectively, on the other hand the pumpkin agrees to him to pitta for being it fries and dry. The tone orange of the pumpkin and the carrot indicates their high beta-carotene content, useful for regeneration and rasayana (rejuvenation).
This combination of ingredients seasoned with digestive cumin, the warm cinnamon, and the saffron that balances tridosha makes of princely couscous easy, rápidito a harmonious plate for all, to prepare and delicoso.


3 carrots
3 marrows
350 gr. of bare pumpkin
1.25 liters of vegetable broth
2 branches of cinnamon, started off by half
2 teaspoons of worn out cumin
1 teaspoon of worn out coriander
a saffron fiber pinch
2 spoonfuls of olive oil
the crust and the juice of a lemon
2 spoonfuls of sugar
500 gr. of precooked couscous
60 gr. melted butter
175 gr. of you happen of Corinth
fresh coriander to decorate



It cuts the carrots, the marrows and the pumpkin in strips of 7 cm in length.
Pon the broth, the spices, saffron and the carrot in a great casserole. Take it to boiling and you add the olive oil. If foam forms, retire it.
Low the fire and cooks everything to untimed fire 15 minutes.
It adds to the crust and the juice of lemon, the sugar, the marrow, the pumpkin, salt and the pepper.
It returns to take to boiling and it lets cook other 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, it places couscous in a strainer covered with a clean gauze and fits it on the casserole with vegetables.
It leaves to couscous to the steam the time that indicates the package with butter raises so that it melts.
Once ready couscous, forms a mountain in a preheated source, slips vegetables reserving the broth, the crust of lemon and the cinnamon.
It decorates couscous with vegetables, it places you happen above and spills 6 spoonfuls of broth mainly it. It decorates with coriander leaves.
The remaining broth boils during 5 minutes so that a little is reduced.
It rejects to the crust of lemon and the cinnamon.
It separately serves hot couscous with the sauce.

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