It walked with an excess of carrot in the refrigerator so in addition to carrot cake, I have made this plate where the aforeshelp one goes accompanied of bare lentils mung and games and buds of seeds of fenugreco, called methi. The yellow lentils or mung are of the vegetables easiest to digest and in Ayurveda tonics are often used in plates and of internal cleaning as kichadi and the dal, its effect on the body lies down to the cold but the companions at table Vata and Kapha can balance this with warm species as gengibre and the cumin that are those that we will use in this prescription. Like the rest of vegetables is good source of fiber, protein, iron and vitamins B. On the other hand, the carrot contributes a pile of vitamin To and she is recommended especially for Vata and Kapha since vipak lies down to warm up the body due to pungent his, the Pitta do not have why to worry because the plate also takes the shredded Coco that balances all these ardent ingredients (in case of doubt, it adds some leaves of fresh coriander when serving). Finally, methi, facilísmo to appear in a flowerpot if you have seeds of fenugreco, are harvested when 20 measure about cms and in India and the Middle East they sell it tied in fajitos as the parsley or rosemary here. Methi fresh slightly tastes bitter that accentuates when the curing the small leaves, in the Indian and Persian stores certainly you find boxes of this dry grass called Kasuri Methi in India and Shambalileh in Farsi. The case is that if you do not have desire to discover new flavors you can replace methi by spinach, dill, coriander, or a mixture of all of them.
The truth that all the previous one sounds most complicated, but is once bought the ingredients, the elaboration of this plate is sencillísimo, I lives in the province of Malaga and buys these exotic ingredients without any trouble, in the end where there's a will, there's a way.


1 fresh great handful of leaves of methi
3 cups of shredded carrot
1/2 cup of mung dal yellow (ponlo to soaking at least 1 hour)
3 teaspoons of ghee (the veganos can replace it by vegetal oil)
10 fresh leaves of curry (half if they are dry)
3/4 teaspoon of grain cumin
1/2 teaspoon of hing
3/4 turmeric teaspoon
1 spoonful of the shredded Coco
1/2 salt teaspoon
2 cms of shredded fresh ginger

It warms up ghee in a heavy basic frying pan and adds the leaves of curry, cumin and hing it moves the frying pan and skips it until cumin and hing dismiss their characteristic aromas.
Now it throws the shredded carrot, mung soaked and the leaves of methi (or substitute) and mixes it all or so that the new ingredients are covered or with spices. Now it adds turmeric, you leave, gengibre and the Coco. It returns to mix all good. Ponle the cover to the frying pan, low the fire to lower middle and removes from time to time, the steam of the carrot and the leaves of methi cook the dal until being tender, this will take about 10 minutes. If you see that one finishes the liquid and the lentils mung follow hard you can add a water bit, mix and return to cover and to continue cooking it until mung is smooth.
With this amount they eat 3 adults if you serve it as accompanied main plate as rice and chapatis.

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