Rice to the Steam with Crisp Crust to the Persian style

tadig_arroz crisp to the Persian style

Tadig? is the Persian version of socarrat Levantine, but without wanting to offend to anybody, tadig takes the bottom of pot to another level: the companions at table always fight themselves by this crisp wonder that in addition takes a capita of basmati to the steam that does especially substantial. Just fact is a delight and above there are several types of tadig with potato, with bread, original and the one that we are going to see in this prescription that contains a truquito that my mother-in-law has taught to me: adding yogurt in the elaboration of tadig a extreme-crisp crust is obtained, shhh! you do not tell anybody. In this prescription also you will learn the secret to make a rice to the perfect steam, in Iran they call “ab kesh? that it means without water the rice is prepared until being “al dente? as it grazes, rejects the water with the starch of the rice and later it cooks covered to the steam until being able a flavorful loose rice with the additional prize to go accompanied by a crisp crust and sea bream riquísima. With these measures they leave 6 generous portions. Hands to the work!


For the rice:
3 cups of rice basmati
8 water cups
¼ of oil cup
1 nosey spoonful of salt

For tadig:
1/2 centimeter of oil at heart of the pot
2 nosey spoonfuls of water
2 nosey spoonfuls of yogurt
¼ of teaspoon of turmeric or dust saffron (saffron gives a more authentic flavor)


It begins cooking the rice in a great pot with 8 water cups, adds to the oil and salt. Cover it and take it to boiling to high fire. Once boiling, it throws the rice and pon from time to time the fire between means and stop, removing. When they have happened between 3 and 5 minutes it verifies that the rice is “al dente? removing some grain with a skimmer and dividing one by half to verify that it has a white small point inside. If it is thus, it extinguishes the fire and it throws the rice to a strainer so that the water goes away, and you leave it to a side.

In order to cook the rice to the steam and to do tadig:
It places the average fire pot, adds the oil, it throws and it scatters the 2 spoonfuls of yogurt and the 2 nosey spoonfuls of water, it throws turmeric or saffron and removes until it is homogenous. Now it puts the rice in the pot and dále pyramid form with the spoon, do some to him holes to the rice with the handle of the wood spoon and covers the pot between 5 and 7 minutes well until you see how it leaves the steam. Then you open the pot to cover it with a cloth with kitchen and return to put the cover upon the cloth (assure to you that they excel the corners). Low to smooth fire and kitchens the covered rice about 45 minutes, spent that time you partially extinguish and you open the pot until the hour to serve.

In order to serve:
It takes a spatula it widens and it removes the rice with well-taken care of from not bothering the crisp layer that has formed at heart of the pot. It removes tadig overturning the pot on a plate (as with a potato tortilla), is ready to cut and to serve.

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  1. A.M September 21, 2012 AT 12:19 a.m. - Reply

    🙂 Interesting… I want it to try

  2. Pmc March 5, 2014 AT 6:37 p.m. - Reply

    Vívi three years with a Persian family. I give faith that this rice, as others, is best.
    A ritual was everything to do it.
    At night they were the rice in soaking so that it loosen the starch. To the following morning they washed it and they procedian to do it just as it is described in the prescription.
    There was another comfortable way but to do it.
    In a small electrical appliance similar to a pot express but that went fitted to the current. In all the ingredients are metian.
    It had in the frontal as a color letter species that indicated as querias of toasting querias to you “tadig?.
    It was a wonder and like decis, habia fight by.
    They cooked of thousand ways the rice, habia rice, and all every day exquisite.
    A greeting

    • Sara March 6, 2014 AT 3:36 p.m. - Reply

      ah had a rice dealer/curls to maker yes…, easier. sometimes they sell it in Lidl, but it does not last more of a year if you every day use it as us, and does not have to control the degree of toasts of tadig ?

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