Course Ayurveda Life beginning 17 February 2019

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Each of us has a unique genetic constitution, if we followed the indications of Ayurveda we reached well-being to all the levels. We live with small excuses and malaises with which we have ourselves customary to live,

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Ayurveda = Radiating Health

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Here you have an introductory chat to the Ayurveda that dí in the Festival of Naturopatía that was celebrated in Fuengirola in February, 2018. The Ayurveda is the key to the self-knowledge, and therefore, to a balance

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Ayurvédica diet for January

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The characteristics of the month of January, do it a perfect month for the rest, the contemplation and the reflection, is the ideal moment to close the previous year after the frenetic activity of the celebrations

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Chai Celestial de Cúrcuma Fresca

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The Ayurveda, that can be translated of life as science, studies our health in relation to the elements and the cyclical rates of the Earth (the stations, the lunar cycles…) According to the Ayurveda

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Ponte to point for the Autumn

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A Guía Ayurvédica to pass the station dressing gown calmly and balance the autumn is a transition station, the trees and shrubs undress quiet preparing itself for the winter, the Earth is darkened, and

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Activated almonds and Cashews

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The almonds and the cashews activated after being to soaking consider rejuvenecedores foods in the Ayurveda. The activated almonds are very nutritious, they give energy you and they put the feet to you on the Earth. When

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Appetizer of Ginger, You leave and Lemon

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This “appetizer? is a classic prescription of the Ayurveda that prepares your digestive system for the food that will come later. Doctor Robert Svoboda, says that ginger wakes up the taste buds, clean the mouth and

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6 simple tips anti aging

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• It diminishes stress • It diminishes the trips • Mantén positive relations • It avoids places and/or situations that can produce anxiety, fear or solitude to you • Sufficient Ponte clothes as not cooling to you, mainly when

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Advice for one spring happy

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With the arrival of the spring which desires more they are slight things. If you change your nutritional habits during the spring you will help your body to balance his snot production, to regulate its levels of

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