An ideal small cover, high in proteins and fiber and if you are in a hurry always you can make trap and use precooked chick-peas of boat (low in prana, but good, while it is the exception and not the rule, it does not pass anything).
To clear the skins favors the digestion of chick-peas, in addition in this prescription use famous an Indian species called hing by its anti-gaseous properties that the flatulente effect of these vegetables in digestive systems balances dressing gown. With a boat of hing in the kitchen no longer you must why fear a chick-pea plate!


200g chick-peas droughts
¼ lemon juice cup
½ teaspoon of hing
¼ cup of tahini
1 salt teaspoon

Pon the chick-peas to soaking all night or at least 6 hours. Strain them and you throw the water. Pon the chick-peas in a great pot by far water (the water triple that of chick-peas) to high fire until the water boils. Low the fire and mantenlo in boiling during one hour or until the chick-peas are soft, if it is necessary pon more water in the pot.

It strains chick-peas but this time it keeps the broth. It leaves cool off pco and soon it rubs chick-peas until the skin becomes loose to them, now cover them with cold water in an earthen bowl and you will see how the rinds float gather them and throws them. If you want hummus extreme creamy, acquittal the rinds that are patience!

Pon the bare chick-peas in the beater with the juice of lemon, hing, tahini and half of salt. She Goes to you until obtaining a creamy puree, if it is necessary adds a little the chick-pea broth that you had kept. It adds the rest of salt if he is insipid.

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