Juice of blackberry with mint

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More than a juice this is a summery elixir that will lower the heats to you yes or yes. The main ingredients of this refreshing drink calm pitta dosha: some sorbitos and you will relax, notice that the skin cools off to you and any mental agitation calms that you take inside signs of the beneficial effect of you dwell on your liver. You do not skip the cardamom because, among others qualities, are a diaforético that opens pores and stimulates a slight perspiration that cleans the skin and it lowers the corporal temperature to you. Without forgetting the special aroma that it adds to this drink, that touch you will want it to savor time and time again.

The medicinal properties of you dwell related to its antirust action not are due only to its contribution in vitamins and to C, but mainly to their lifted content in flavonoides.

The flavonoides are another antioxidant type of greater medicinal interest, present in other vegetal substances as the green tea. The flavonoides protect the cells of the environmental damages caused by radiations and/or polluting agents of cumulative type, but also to exert a preventive action against cardiovascular accidents when helping to maintain low the cholesterol levels LDL (bad cholesterol), and even have a slight useful anti-inflammatory effect in diseases you will articulate.

The best way to take advantage of these properties is to take you dwell fresh and in season, so it is useful that it is little!


1 cup of you dwell
2 pinches of worn out cardamom
1/2 coconut water cup
5-10 mint leaves
1/2 grenade cup

It beats the fruit in the beater with the leaves of hierbabuenao passes it through the mixer, you can replace the fruit by juice of blackberry or grenade, in this case you add the juice in the end.
Mix it with coconut water and the cardamom.

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