Refreshment of Tamarind

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This drink was the hit song of the last summer, if you happen of the alcohol or simply it desires to you to explore other areas of your palate, this virgin cocktail will not defraud to you.

The tamarind with its characteristic flavor between acid and candy little is known in Spain, whereas in Latin America there are trees throughout, and to the other side of the world, in India, much in chutneys and soups as sambar and rasam of the south of the subcontinent is used.
The fruit of the tamarind comes in a case, contains sugar, vitamin B and calcium, those enough that are rather dressing gown can take all the tamarind that wants, but the people in whom predominate Kapha or Pitta dosha must be controlled since the acid flavor can unbalance to them.
A tamarind concentrate can be bought that makes the preparation of this fast super refreshment, but in the Hindu stores they sell pulp of tamarind with the bone of the fruit including, you only must put it to soaking in an earthen bowl (nonmetalist) with hot water and cover it. Once rehidratado it is necessary to strain it to separate the bones. You are not scared, the explanation is enrrollada than the process and the result is worth the trouble!
Ah yes, if you add gengibre fresh shredded at the time of doing sirope, gives to a delicious extreme super touch 😉


½ cup (125 ml) of brown sugar or the sweetener that you like more
½ cup (125 ml) of water
60 ml concentrate of tamarind or rehidratada pulp
1 liter of water with gas

If you are going to use sugar, dissolve it in cacito of water to low fire. If you are going to throw ginger, ponlo now, adds the tamarind, mixes it and leaves sirope boils during a minute.
Clear it of the fire and you leave cools off.
Pon ice hailed in your glasses, fills them until half with water with gas and adds 2 nosey spoonfuls of sirope of tamarind by glass. Mix it all good, you throw water with gas until above and ready! Mmmmn, I am thirsty only to write this.

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