Beaten of Apple and Banana with Ginger

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With the heat the sweats come, but this milkshake will help you to replace mineral salts that you lose when transpiring thanks to the apple, files it and the banana that in addition to potassium contains the amino acid tryptophan that the body turns into serotonin, the hormone that gives good roll you and it relaxes to you.
To part of rich, the ingredients of this milkshake are refreshing and cool the blood, without putting me in too much ayurvédico detail, I will say that in summer the sanguineous pressure diminishes in the abdomen and the chest, one to you of the reasons for which we have less appetite when it tightens the heat. Nevertheless ginger and it Lima stimulate the digestion and attract the blood the intestinal tract, for that reason this milkshake is a perfect breakfast for the summer because it provides fiber without being heavy to digest. Prove it and you tell me.

1 crude apple in pieces (you decide if bare or not)
2 medium bananas
2 cms of bare fresh ginger
1/4 of Lima
1 glass of water

It puts everything in the beater and it beats until it is a homogenous mixture smooth.
His it is to take these crude drinks immediately, in 30 minutes lose much of his antirust power. Ayurveda recommends that the fruit is taken half an hour with the empty stomach and as minimum before any other food.

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