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The word masala means mixture of species, in this case the combination is to give to your tea (chai) or infusion a warm and exotic touch. My Gopi friend says that its infallible trick not to costipar itself in winter is cup after cup of roiboos with chai masala and honey, and the truth is that also it works to me. If south wind canine distemper or inner cold and I do not have desire to make a tea yogi in all rule, I throw a puntita to him of spoonful of these polvitos cup and usually it helps to eliminate the cold. Considering that the main ingredients of this magical masalita are ginger and the pepper, it is not to surprise the calorcito that it gives you, and if above you sweeten it with honey that undoes the snot and is the sweetener that better goes to him to kapha by its warm action on the body, because you turn your tecito into medicine.

Masala are thousands of prescriptions of chai, today I leave this in warm plan with effects anti-snot you and useful for pains throat, already we will explore other combinations.


1/4 cup of cinnamon in branch cut in small pieces
1/8 nail cup
1/4 cup of black grain pepper
1/4 cup of green cardamom
3/4 cup of dry dust ginger

It warms up a frying pan, pon the low fire and throws all the species except dust ginger. Toast enters them 5 and 7 minutes, until the delicious aroma floods your house.
It throws the species to a plate until they cool off completely.
Grind them in a coffee mill until securing a very fine dust.
It just mixes the worn out species with dust ginger.
Masala in a jar keeps your chai that closes well and keeps it in a dark place.
Add it to your infusion when it desires to add a warm dimension to you to your life.

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