Milk of Almonds

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There is thing no richer nor easy to do that the milk of almonds….if there are it been buying, it is hour to stop because a milk just done always is going to have many more nutrients than one than has been months packaged. You are not satisfied to less protein, vitamin and, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc from which you can remove to a homemade almond lamp.
The sweet flavor and warm effect on the body of the almonds make them perfect to balance Dressing gown dosha, lubricate the microcirculatory skin and channels, in addition they nourish weaves or dhatus, especially the reproductive system (shukra dhatu). It lasts about 3 days in the refrigerator, so it prepares only the amount that you are going to use in that time.

The milk of almonds is a drink energetics, easy to prepare, natural and sátvica. If you are under in vitality, it will reanimate and give back that energy to you of chavalín.

10 crude almonds
1 glass of water
Water to soak the almonds
Optional sweetener: sirope of maple, agave, honey, etc.

Pon the almonds to soaking one night whole to eliminate inhibitors of you raise and to make the almonds easiest to digest.
You can have them in the same water up to 2 days.

It slips the almonds and washes them in cold water.

Clear the skin to them, leave easily if you rub them between the fingers.

Pon the almonds with the glass of water in the beater and beats until the almonds are picaditas and the water has a white color and he is not transparent.

A strainer covered by a gauze strains the mixture using, twists the gauze until removing a whole glass from milk of almonds. The almond ground within the gauze is good in cakes, beaten or magdalenas.

It adds what more it likes you to sweeten milk, or thus takes it to you.

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  1. Pepe January 8, 2014 AT 12:28 p.m. - Reply

    Thanks for this. I have always wanted to do it without needing milk nor of many sweeteners.

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