Beaten of Yogurt and Banana Kela Lassi

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Of the 3 main types of lassi who use in India, the candy is most popular. Nutritious, rich and fast to do, the Kela Lassi always is of season as breakfast, afternoon snack or prostrate oneself.

2 bare and cut mature bananas in slices
30 ml of juice of lemon just expressed
120 ml of cold juice of grape or water
45ml of honey or sirope of maple (optional)
240 ml of natural yogurt
6-8 ice cubes
1/4 teaspoon of worn out cardamom
7 ml of water of kewra (optional)
1/8 of nut teaspoon nutmeg
shredded rind of lemon to decorate

It serves to 4


Pon the banana, juice of lemon, juice of grape or water, optional sweetener and yogurt in a beater. Go it everything during about 2 minutes to you, add the ice, cardamom and kewra and beat during another minute (it does not matter if the ice is not water ice). It throws to the glasses, it dusts with nut nutmeg and rind of lemon and serves.

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