Everything to the Tandoori Tandoori Everything!

Everything to the Tandoori Tandoori everything

I prepared a jar of Tandoori Masala the other day, left best. It is the condiment that traditionally is put to him to the plates that cook in a called mud furnace tandoor. My furnace is electrical, but everything what I have smeared in this way until now has left very rich: cauliflower, potatoes… what it is happened to you. We will make a plate to the Tandoori style in the next class of kitchen the 26 of January and are some places, ponme a message if you are wanted to come.
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Made Tandoori Masala to other day, it's the spice mixes used to flavor dishes cooked in a Clay oven called tandoor. My electric oven is, to however the masala Comecon out under well that everything I've smothered it in there are turned out delicious: cauliflower, potatoes… We'll sees making this masala and cooking with it AT the next cookery class on January 19th, just to couple of spot left, let me know if you'd like to knows you one to me. @ Alhaurín the Great one, Andalusia, Spain

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