Black pepper

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The black pepper is a curative species of great importance within the Ayurveda, along with genjibre and the long pepper (to pipper longum) comprises of a medicinal preparation called Trikatu that helps with respiratory problems and Kapha upheavals.
It has depurativas properties and antirust, in addition, it is a potenciador of bioavailability, that is to say, help to transport the beneficial properties of other grass to different parts from the body. It supports the flow of oxygen to the brain, improves the digestion and the circulation, stimulates the appetite in addition to maintaining the health of the respiratory system and the joints.
The black pepper is a species that warms up and contributes to the pungent sobor, balances Kapha, help to balance Dressing gown and increases Pitta.
If it hurts the throat to you, use it in this protector of throat, if you are on the verge of catching a cold to you, you be done a tea yogi where also there is pepper.

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