The fresh rhizome of the Turmeric is looked a little like gengibre fresh and is or yellow or red on the inside, in the kitchen and medicine the yellow is only used, is the person in charge of the characteristic tone of Indian curries. Turmeric is pungent, bitter, astringent and warms up his vipaka is pungent. They can use it all the doshas, stimulates to Dressing gown without unbalancing it. Help to the digestion, maintains the intestinal flora, reduces gases, tones weaves and is a natural antibiotic. It is possible to be used to remedy the cough, styes, diabetes, hemorrhoids, you cut, wounds, burns and problems of the skin. Good for the liver and help for reducing to the anxiety and stress. In cases of anemia, it adds a teaspoon to a natural yogurt and eats it to you with the empty belly in the morning or in the evening.

I recommend to always add it to plates with high content in proteinic since it stimulates the complete digestion of these and assures that mistress or toxins does not stagnate and forms. Its flavor is very smooth although she becomes bitter if you go in its baking, better to use it in moderation, a small amount gives much color.

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    Descubri turmeric thanks to the author of without colouring and enchants to me!

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      because a fascinating world looks at the other species Mayan…

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