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My individual service of coaching will help you to reconnect to you with your internal wisdom. Through my integral program of advising in nutrition and lifestyle of 3 months of duration, you will obtain the following thing…

    To transform your relation with the food
    To discover daily tools to improve your digestion and to increase your energy
    To develop an enriching practice of self medication
    To learn meditation techniques to surpass obstacles
    To connect to you with the seasonal cycles of the nature and to take advantage of your creative potential by means of the understanding the lunar cycles and its energy.
    To release to self-limiting habits and landlords of thought
    To fortify your intuition and to discover your internal wisdom

You will receive…

    A detailed consultation of the file of your health
    Sessions of coaching of 60 minutes twice to the month, by telephone/Skype/in person
    Plan of customized well-being with integral steps to guide to you towards your objectives of health
    Plans of meals based on plants of season, prescription books and lists of purchases
    Guided meditations, conscious movement and nutritious guides of practice of personal care
    Support and responsibility through e-mail
    Special discounts for programs and events online
    EXTRA: eBooks gratuitous, product discounts and phytotherapy

It programs your gratuitous consultation of 15 minutes to obtain more data on my process of coaching and on how we will transform your well-being together and we will personalize your program so that one adjusts to your unique needs.