Ayurveda: Basic introduction II

dressing gown pitta kapha

To balance the three main energies of the body

Ayurveda identifies 3 basic types of energy who are present in all and everything, to not having an equivalence of these concepts in Castilian, we used the original terms in Sanskrit: Dressing gown, Pitta and Kapha, are principles that are related to the basic Biology of the body.
We need energy so that the flowed nutrients and arrive at the cells and thus they act its as. Also we needed energy to metabolizar the nutrients within the cells and that these stay lubricated and structured. Dressing gown is the energy of the movement, Pitta is the energy of the digestion or metabolization and Kapha him energy of the lubrication and structures. All we have the qualities of dressing gown, pitta and kapha but normally one is the primary one, the another secondary and less prominent third party. According to Ayurveda the cause of the diseases is inadequate a cellular operation because of a deficiency of dressing gown, pitta or kapha. Also it is possible to put itself ill by the toxin presence.
In Ayurveda the body, the mind and bring back to consciousness work together to maintain the balance, are facets different from the same being, to balance body, mind and together spirit is necessary to understand how they work dressing gown, pitta and kapha. According to the ayurvédica philosophy the cosmos in its totality is an interaction of the five elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Dressing gown, Pitta and Kapha are combinations and exchanges of these five elements that pronounce as you rule present in all the creation. In the physical body, dressing gown is the subtle energy of the movement, pitta the energy of the digestion and the metabolism and kapha the energy that forms the structure of the body.

Dressing gown is the associated subtle energy to the movement and is composed by Ether and Air. It governs the breathing, the blinkings, the movement of weaves and muscles, the pulsations of the heart and all the movements in the cellular cytoplasm and membranes. When there is balance Dressing gown creates creativity and flexibility, in imbalance states, Dressing gown produces fear and anxiety.

Pitta expresses the metabolic system of the body, it is made up of Fire and Water. It governs the digestion, absorpción, assimilation, nutrition, metabolism and the corporal temperature. When it is balanced, Pitta promotes the understanding and intelligence, in Pitta imbalance creates wrath, hatred and envy.

Kapha is the energy that forms the corporal structure, the bones, muscles and sinews and provides the “glue? that it maintains to the united cells since it is made up of Earth and Water. Kapha provides to the water for all the parts and systems of the body. Lubrica the joints, hydrate the skin and maintain the immunity. A well-balanced Kapha is expressed as love, tranquillity and compassion. An unbalanced Kapha takes to the attachment, avarice and envy.

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  2. Idalia March 11, 2017 AT 4:13 a.m. - Reply

    I like this subject is very interesting would like me to know where this philosophy is learned

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      Idalia, I give factories on Ayurveda in Malaga and am mounting encounter online. Where you are?

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