Warmth during the Winter

The practice of abhyangam, a massage with lukewarm oil, is the perfect treatment to alleviate the altered dressing gown. As part of the daily routine, traditionally it is made in the morning, before the bathroom and is especially useful as a matutinal ritual during the cold months of the autumn and winter. Dressing gown is by cold and dry definition, so the application of hot oil of abhyangam and its lubricant effect dosha balances dressing gown.
Abhyangam also is useful to remove mistress (toxins) of weaves and to direct them towards the elimination organs, if it practices regularly can help to improve the circulation and the digestion, to relax the nervous system, to nourish the skin, to give major focuses and to create the sensation to have the feet on the Earth in addition to increasing ojas or the brilliance that is from a digestion heals and an immune system hard.
You will need a minimum 20 minutes: 10 to massage the body with abundant lukewarm oil, and other 10 to relax and to leave the oil to you penetrate in the skin. If you do not have 10 minutes to relax to you, it begins covering the body with oil so that it begins to penetrate while you begin the massage.

1-3 ecological sesame oil cups to lubricate the body generously, if you have much pitta in your constitution, you can replace it by olive oil.
Cacito to warm up the oil to the Maria bathroom

How to do it
It warms up the oil on the fire until securing a warm but comfortable temperature to the tact (you do not burn yourself)

The body with the lukewarm oil massages beginning by the head and finishing by the feet. It begins by the outer part of the ears, later massages the head (if you do not want to put oil to him to the hair, be done a massage of head in dry), and follows downwards. The USA circular motions on the joints, the heart and the abdominal zone beam that the movements are smooth and in direction of the needles of the clock, thus we animated to dressing gown to that one moves in the right direction. The torso massages from outside inwards following the ribs, and of above downwards in arms and legs. Finally it massages the feet well.

Feel to you comfortably, fall down to you on a towel or relax you in the bathtub with hot water during about 10 minutes so that the oil penetrates the skin. When you have finished, wash to you with a product of smooth cleaning.

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