Inmunizante soup

This soup has as it bases a good dose of white pepper (it pricks than the black more since the skin has cleared him) but also you will feel the shocks of fresh ginger shredded, - taken well it warms up will give the push you that you need if the snots are invading to you, ayurveda explains that the pepper destroys accumulated snots in the digestive system.
The important thing is the stimulating turn out to take this hot super soup, to the maximum temperature that allows your language and you will see how it ignites to you on the inside: it is a soup for the coldest days, the most snotty noses and the shortest days of the winter.
Although you can adapt this broth according to the time of the year, in summer throws maize to him, that is spring, because asparagus… and to turn the soup into a complete food, serve it on brown rice or tagliatelle, enchants soba to me of wheat saracen and the ultra-thin noodles of rice.

1 nosey spoonful of sesame oil
1/2 teaspoon of asafétida coffee of
3 stems of celery in fine strips
1 carrot median cut in fine slices
3 nosey spoonfuls of bare shredded fresh ginger
3/4 of teaspoon of coffee of ground white pepper (or more if you like the intense heat)
200 grs of tofu signs in fine slices
100 grs of brócoli in small pieces
A handful of spinach, rúcola or leaf of mustard
2 1/2 teaspoons of fine salt coffee
rabanitos in fine slices, fresh coriander and parsley to serve

It warms up the oil in a great pot and adds the asafétida one, it raises the pot and turns it so that it is not burned, it gives back the pot to the fire and throws the celery, the carrot and ginger.
It skips vegetables until they soften.
It adds to the white pepper and 10 water cups
The fire raises until it begins to boil, low the fire and manténlo boiling 15 minutes
It throws tofu, the spinach and salt
It boils to untimed fire other 5 minutes
Remove it well
It serves accompanied as fresh grass and rabanitos but hilillo of sesame oil

It serves between 4 and 6 people

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