5 prescriptions to give the welcome to the autumn


The summery heat is dissipated, the season in which predominates pitta takes step to the station in which it sends dressing gown, the surroundings becomes cold and dry more and more, with unpredictable wind and: some follow in thongs whereas another already they go with high neck. It rains in the evening but it is a warm of beach in the morning…
According to it is based the fresh time ayurveda recommends to balance our bodies with the opposite thing to which it happens in our surroundings: it removes your fatter jersey, it ignites the furnace and it enjoys heavy and rich foods in good oils high content in protein and fat serve I warm up them and ripened with warm species that stimulate the digestion, you will see as your internal humidity reserves are not dried out.

I have selected several prescriptions that will help to maintain you you calentito while the temperatures lower, you will avoid the evils typical of this time if it give the welcome to the autumn in your kitchen with these soups, stewed and stews.

ayurveda-cream-pumpkin-rosemary-vegetarianCream of pumpkin and Rosemary If there is a vegetable that symbolizes the autumn, is the pumpkin, protagonist of this rich cream and nutritious, when you prove it, it will become a fixed one in your homemade menu.

Chick-pea Chole, Curry in the style of Punjab. What better than a vegetal protein easy to assimilate to maintain the Earth feet this autumn? Saborazo will flipará to you that just gives the worn out species that in addition cause that your body assimilates these vegetables without gases nor problems.

ayurveda-infusion-yogiWhen it enters to me cold, I become an Infusion Yogi, to take tacit from this infu you can even help you to avoid incipient constipating. Ollita is worth the trouble to become one of this tea if you are [email protected], I makes a concentrate and is adding water just boiled to take warms up well it.

Another vegetal protein that feels well and gives energy: the soup of green soybean and tomato, I throw of mung beans throughout the year because they digest of wonder, but taking advantage of the last tomatos the summer, at this one time this sopita leaves super rich.

Vegetal protein, vegetarian prescriptions, eggplant, lentils, white sauceA classic Greek plate in vegetarian version, this moussaka is delicious and declining, still there are eggplants in the orchard and if you want you can take advantage of the last tomatos to cover it superficially. It is a forceful plate to take from time to time nothing else, but you deserve it to you.

What plates feel to you well in Autumn?

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