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The winter has taken step to the spring, the change of station has been happening gradually from February: the days have been extended, the temperatures have been raising, rains fall, the flowers decorate our surroundings and our bodies decide to be loosen to the winter accumulations now that we have entered season kapha, this can mean annoying canine distempers in the nose or the chest.
The USA these tips to fight these annoyances.

1) Be done a good pot of infusion yogi, warms up the body and help to balance the excess of kapha dosha.
The fast version is to throw chai masala to any infusion that you are preparing yourself. You do not take cold drinks (at the most of the time) and tries to be giving sorbitos to something warms up all day.

2) It seasons according to the season: The USA more genjibre. It chooses species as cumin, fennel, the pepper and turmeric.

3) It contemplates the possibility of eating little during a day, a mini fasting if to make a purification in all rule it gives laziness you: it takes soups, fruit (crude or cooked), juices, infusions and kichadi.

4) It reduces or it eliminates the ingestion of milky of industrial origin, if takings milk, warms up it with some cardamom seeds that neutralize the effect mucílago of milk, if you add a turmeric pinch, you will digest better its protein and to sweeten with artisan honey facilitates its digestion.

5) And little early dinner, before the 8 or at least a pair of hours before laying down to you, therefore you make sure to finish the digestion well and that the foods do not become toxins. this change has transformed me the life, outside spring, autumn or winter used to rise to me moqueando, comes to sound the nose to me and comes to moquear. Ever since I have reduced the ingestion of meals that produce snot and I do afternoon snack-has dinner to 7, my life has changed. The mornings sounding me and constant estornudos interminably finished… and so it tires that. Test to see, safe that it also helps you.

If you want to know more on Ayurveda or you want to prove other rich vegetarian prescriptions, walk you by this Web, certainly you find inspiration.

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  1. I read February 26, 2015 AT 8:56 p.m. - Reply

    Thank you very much. For years I fear the winter for snots, and the allergy that I suffer in this age. I suppose that it can help to dilute them me or to eliminate them. What I do not know if works for dilir the snot of the chest. That that is taken hold and no matter how hard coughs does not leave…

  2. Sara February 27, 2015 AT 3:25 p.m. - Reply

    I read, to dilute snots, drinks much liquid, preferably calentitas infusions, with crude honey (without pasteurising) because it helps to undo the snot. Perhaps you have the weak digestion and for that reason snot in the lungs forms to you. If it is thus, it half an hour chews fresh ginger before eating, reduces dinner and do it tempranito. If you need more advice, 😉 sends an email to me

  3. Alexander August 24, 2016 AT 1:20 a.m. - Reply

    He was reading the note, very interesting, podrioas to idicar to me as they are foods that produce snots? in order to eliminate them of the diet. thanks

    • Sara September 27, 2016 AT 5:44 p.m. - Reply

      the heaviest, dense and cold foods give snot if they are consumed by people with little digestive and metabolic capacity. Especially if they are taken at night when we digested worse, some examples of these foods are: the bread of wheat with leavening, milky ones, candies….

      It avoids the excess of candy, salty and acid and you insist on sharp bitter and the astringents.

      It would be necessary to know which is your constitution to guess right to the 100%, but I hope that this helps you.


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