Milk Sea bream with Manzanilla

This drink is designed for tired, exhausted people or majors of 60 years. One of my clients who had had problems to sleep all night during many years, nevertheless when it began to drink this infusion every night exclaimed: “I am sleeping the whole night; it is a miracle! “.
You can take this drink about 45 minutes before lying down, although also you can enjoy her in average afternoon.

1/2 turmeric teaspoon
1 teaspoon of flowers of manzanilla (or 1 bag)
1/2 water cup
1/4 1/2 turmeric teaspoon
1 pinch of nut nutmeg
The sweetener that you like more

It combines the water and manzanilla in a small pot and ponlo to boil. When it boils, it extinguishes the fire and lets it rest between 5 and 10 minutes. It strains the infusion in a cup and rinses the pot. It adds to milk and turmeric to the pot and ponlo to boil from time to time to untimed fire during two minutes, tossing around. It throws milk in the tea and removes it. It adds wished sweetener and it dusts with nut nutmeg just shredded.


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