The summer in your body

2018-06-27T20: 21:51+00:00

When we thought about the summer, we thought about which it happens in our surroundings: longer days, the sun warming up the Earth, the sea calling to you to that you bathe and warm breezes. But how it is pronounced

The summer in your body2018-06-27T20: 21:51+00:00

Ayurveda: Basic introduction II

2011-07-14T17: 04:58+00:00

To balance the three main energies of the Ayurveda body identifies 3 basic types of energy who are present in all and everything, to not having an equivalence of these concepts in Castilian, we used the terms

Ayurveda: Basic introduction II2011-07-14T17: 04:58+00:00