irresitible sponge cake

Most interesting of this sponge cake it is that he is VERY RICO, the fact that does not take gluten and is vegano are extra interesting, I do not deny it, but without sacrificing nor a bit of flavor. The truth that I wear for the first time in the world of the wheat saracen, but is given the results I am going to explore a little more.
Another positive thing of this sponge cake is that he is very nutritious since takes dates, coconut oil and a crude apple, so the sweet flavor is something complex, combined with the touch of the wheat saracen, the result is interesting.
If you are of Kapha constitution and the candy enchants, the wheat saracen is good option for being much more light that other flours, even so, better not to eat more of a piece to the day.
The arrowroot is an ingredient that you perhaps do not know, has the property to thicken and acts as emulgente. Can be replaced by very fine maize flour or rice flour of.
In short, it would enchant to know to me what so goes to you with the prescription. Tell me!

1 wheat flour cup saracen
1/2 cup of panela
2 spoonfuls nosey of arrowroot
3/4 cinnamon teaspoon (optional)
3/4 leavening teaspoon
1/4 bicarbonate teaspoon
1/2 coconut oil cup
1/2 cup of dates picaditos
1/3 crushed bare crude apple cup until obtaining a puree
1/2 milk cup of almonds
1/4 of cup of picaditas almonds to decorate

ºC ignites the furnace to 190.
Cms with coconut oil lubricates a mold to bake of about 20.
In a great earthen bowl, it mixes the flour, panela, the dust of arrowroot, the cinnamon (if you are going it to use), the leavening and bicarbonate.
In a food processor, it combines coconut oil, the dates, the puree of crude apple and processes until obtaining a puree.
It adds the milk of almonds and it ignites the processor enough so that it is everything combined.
It mixes the ingredients of the processor with those of the earthen bowl with the flour and uses the rod until securing a humid mass smooth.
The mass throws to the mold and throws superficially the perforated almonds.
Leave it in the furnace about 20 minutes or until an inserted knife in center leaves clean.
It leaves the sponge cake cools off in the mold and later cut it in about 6 or 8 pieces.
It holds to room temperature some 24 hours.

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