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Ayurveda considers that to have a specific routine for each station of year one of the pillars of the health since some upheavals brought about by the changes in the climate can be balanced with small

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Cleaning of language

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Jihwa Prakshalana is a Ayurvédico ritual translated as “scraped of language?, this oral cleaning eliminates bacteria, rest of food, fungi, toxins and died cells of the surface dela language. While you sleep, your digestive system follows

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Spring purification II

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This process is a variation of purvakarma, a traditional practice whose objective is to balance the 3 doshas in addition to reducing to the stress and the agitation of your body and mind. It tries to maintain the rate of

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Ayurveda: Basic introduction I

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In Ayurveda sanskrit it has been meaning “science of life? and has its origin for more than 5000 years in the Indian subcontinent, comprises of the millenarian Vedaic culture and during long time it was transmitted

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Salt of the box: it extinguishes the TV, ignites the life

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Every time we spent more time in front of the screen, the computer, the video-games, ipads and dvds does not do more than to add minutes to the total balance. According to statistics of the American Acadenia of Paediatrics the boy

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Kit of not-toxic cleaning

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Almost all the synthetic products of cleaning of nowadays are based on prescriptions of long ago that used natural ingredients and they have been gone of generation in generation because the formula gave in

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