Hing (Asafétida)

Hing is an extended super species in the Indian kitchen, comes from the resin by the root of a type of giant fennel called asafoetida Splint, for that reason also it is known this species as Asafétida (also escibe “Asafoetida?). The plant grows mainly in Afghanistan and the North of Iran of where resin to India for its processing is exported, is commercialized mainly in dust of yellowish color that consists of the mixture of the resin ground with flour of rice or wheat.
At Roman time much in Europe was also used although nowadays, since you realize, it has disappeared of the European kitchens. From the antiquity their digestive properties are known, is super effective for the elimination of gases and swelling and therefore one of the best species to balance Dressing gown. It has a pungent aroma, the correct thing is to skip hing in hot oil or ghee before using it, but I confess that sometimes it crude use in hummus, seasonings and salsitas or pâté.
It is a good substitute of garlic and the onion for which they do not feel to him or or follows a yóguico lifestyle and it wants to avoid his tamásicos effects in brings back to consciousness. Garlic and the onion increase the passion and the ignorance at a subtle level and in addition shakes the senses. Perhaps for many this it will have neither feet nor head, others have been sensitized the more for the purposes of foods on his physical body and its perception of life, will be necessary to deepen in the aspect not-material of the diet in another article.
I buy it in stores of Indian or specialized food in spices (she is worth the redundancy), if it encuentas and you do not want to prove it, ponte in touch with me: Sara (@) logicielbourse.net

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  1. Ana Maria flowers December 5, 2011 AT 11:19 p.m. - Reply

    Hello I look for hing but where not to buy it alive in the Mexico state thanks

    • laloka December 26, 2011 AT 4:12 p.m. - Reply

      Hello Ana María

      I write from Spain, I will ask to you my Mexican friendly to see where hing can be bought and I leave a mensajito this way you.



    • laloka January 9, 2012 AT 4:00 p.m. - Reply

      Ana María,

      They tell me that on the street Beyond, 33 (corner with the Belisario Domínguez Street) in the city of the D.F are the Temple of Offers, sell Hing/Asafoetida there. I hope that it is to you of help. You will already tell me how they leave your subjects of gossip.

      Greetings from Spain!


    • alf January 29, 2013 AT 5:33 p.m. - Reply

      in Monterrey Nuevo Leon where with himself, already it looks for it and nothing, is urgent to me to make a sauce of handle

      • Sara February 4, 2013 AT 5:27 p.m. - Reply

        Mira Alf, calls or visits this center of bhakti yoga and asks to them:
        Dir. Juan Ignacio Ramón No. 841, Cabbage.
        Old district, Zone Center, C.P.64000
        Tel: +52 (81) 83 40 59 50

      • Juan July 4, 2016 AT 2:29 p.m. - Reply

        hello, excuse does encenta the handle to me and it interests the prescription to me that you prune it to me to pass or the link? thanks greetings from Uruguay.

    • Eduardo Alanis May 20, 2013 AT 4:13 p.m. - Reply


      • Sara June 6, 2013 AT 4:34 p.m. - Reply

        Hello Eduardo,
        He more above looks at the answer of January at Ana María, are exact data to buy it.

        That it benefits,


      • ale February 25, 2014 AT 5:48 p.m. - Reply

        Eduardo, what is your new telephone?

    • Narayan May 8, 2017 AT 8:36 p.m. - Reply

      You can find in the market of San Juan

  2. I gave January 11, 2012 AT 9:08 p.m. - Reply

    Congratulations by the page! This weekend I want to make the prescription of the cream of carrots. But also the doubt arises to me… where I can find hing in Malaga? I will already tell you how I have left the cream. Thank you very much, once again, to share these knowledge

    • laloka January 12, 2012 AT 8:48 p.m. - Reply

      Hello I gave
      Certainly you like the cream of carrot….that prescription does not fail.
      Regarding to buy spices, in capital Malaga I know that they sell Hing/Asafoetida in the store of species that is near the Market of Atarazanas, I believe that the Clock is called. If you are in the coast, in the stores of international food in Torremolinos and Fuengirola they also sell it and surely something more cheap:
      In Torremolinos you have VISHADE, in Avenue. The Springs Number 7, its telephone is 952050150
      the one of Fuengirola is called FA FA FOODS, in Avenue Ramon and Cajal, 16, its telephone is 952593347 and have Web: http://www.fafafoods.com.
      You will already tell me if these little stores go to you well, is useful to supply of other exotic ingredients and digestive spices to you.


  3. I gave January 13, 2012 AT 10:59 a.m. - Reply

    Thank you very much! I am going to try to approach to me today… Greetings

    • laloka January 14, 2012 AT 12:19 a.m. - Reply


  4. MARCELO CACHAGO April 24, 2012 AT 7:20 p.m. - Reply


    • Sara April 25, 2012 AT 6:07 p.m. - Reply

      In what part of Ecuador you are Marcelo? You want the plant for your orchard or she also serves to you dries for the kitchen? With those data to the best thing I can help you.


  5. Anderson June 25, 2012 AT 4:01 p.m. - Reply

    Hello alive in Colombia Bogota agradeceria would inform to me where with himself the asafetida one here in Colombia as species for the food and if the plant secures thanks

    • Sara February 4, 2013 AT 5:18 p.m. - Reply

      Anderson, asks in these 2 sites:
      Cultural center Blue Lotus
      Address: Cra 5ªA Not 14 00 corner of Candelaria Centro Historico
      Director: Yoguindra Gives
      Telephones: 3342346
      Address: 7 CR N 46 42
      Director: Rama Raja Das/Radha Gokula Nanda Devi Dasi
      Telephone: 3232440
      Mobil: 3176644618
      Web: http://www.mahaveg.com

      I hope that they can advise to you….you will already tell me

    • ANANDA (JUDY CALDERON_ February 15, 2013 AT 3:27 p.m. - Reply

      Hello, alive in Bogota. for 5 months it has been arriving from India and suit many species to sell, among them the ground asafétida one (pure, without mixture). For interested the my email it is [email protected]

  6. nandita November 9, 2012 AT 12:33 p.m. - Reply

    Hello recently of the Indian and ansafetida suit com is used equal curucma from nandi already thank you very much Argentine

    • Sara December 5, 2012 AT 7:25 p.m. - Reply

      Nandita, normally skips the asafétida one at the beginning of the preparation of the food. That is to say, you warm up ghee or oil, and are throwing the species. I usually begin with seeds of black mustard, grain cumin and soon asafétida. Well-taken care of Ten that burning fire easily, so it shakes the frying pan or raises it of the fire. Look at prescriptions to you of the Web, almost all takes asafétida!

  7. Elizabeth January 31, 2013 AT 2:23 p.m. - Reply

    Thank you very much by all the information that it give us on this food type. Where I can obtain Hing and the white dal Ural? That you have a pretty day

    • Sara February 4, 2013 AT 5:19 p.m. - Reply

      Elizabeth where you are?

  8. […] 1/2 teaspoon of asafétida (optional) 2 nosey spoonfuls of juice of lemon just expressed 2 nosey spoonfuls of oil […]

  9. […] cut in small cubes 50 grams of butter, ghee or olive oil 1/2 1/2 teaspoon of asafétida teaspoon of black pepper ground a generous pinch of nut nutmeg 10 grams of rosemary […]

  10. cicel December 11, 2013 AT 5:40 a.m. - Reply

    Hello that so, where I can find Stinking Handle in Guadalajara Jalisco? , or of those of Mexico that can sell to me and send by mail? they have some mail not to spend in better call and in the shipment. thanks

  11. Vrindavan March 6, 2014 AT 11:03 p.m. - Reply

    Hello to all, those that are interested in Hing or asafetida, I have on sale in Guadalajra Mexico. Any shipment inside and abroad. as well as other many products of Indian, write [email protected] mail run the voice to all the interested.

  12. Abdul June 13, 2015 AT 10:26 p.m. - Reply

    Hello I look for hing (asafetida) .donde I can finds in Barcelona.gracias

    • Sara June 22, 2015 AT 8:18 p.m. - Reply

      Abdul, looks for in the little stores of the Hindu community in the Raval, but in a store very specialized in species (she is worth the redundancy).

  13. Henrry Samayoa June 25, 2015 AT 10:27 p.m. - Reply

    Good day.

    Where I can obtain the Hing in my country of El Salvador residence)?

    Anticipated thanks.

    • Sara September 7, 2015 AT 2:18 p.m. - Reply

      Henry, looks for in grocery stores of India, stores specialized in spices or some Hindu Temple or Hare Krishna. 😉 would have to dedicate me to the export of hing I myself

      • Mai October 16, 2015 AT 5:05 p.m. - Reply

        Hello! I would like to find the Hong in Pamplona (Navarre) you would know to help to find it me?
        Thanks beforehand!

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