Course Ayurveda Life beginning 17 February 2019

Each of us has a unique genetic constitution, if we followed the indications of Ayurveda we reached well-being to all the levels. We live with small excuses and malaises with which we have ourselves customary to live, and nevertheless with modifying our way to eat and to live we can not only clear problems but in addition to return to a radiating state.

AyurvedaLife is an existential course and practitioner in whom you will discover the tools that you need to feel total.

You will learn Ayurveda to live it. You will know the bases, philosophy and practice to adapt them to your life and the one of your family.
You will see how incorporate simple habits that they will alter your body, mind and brings back to consciousness. The idea is that you learn the theoretical bases of the Ayurveda of dynamic way and in addition you are improving your accompanied lifestyle, solving all doubts under the company of Sara Shaikh, Ayurveda Therapist and Especialista in Nutrition.
Each class has a component practical to determine the contents well, the style of education of Sara is characterized for being especially practitioner.
The Ayurveda is a millenarian Vedaic science that comes from India, is the mother of medicines and it is characterized for being preventive and integral. The Ayurveda teaches to us to identify our unique constitution and how to maintain in balance thanks to a customizados diet and lifestyle to us for our particular needs. Of there its effectiveness.

The classes are realised in the House-School of Sara, in the Malagan field, near Villafranco of the Guadalhorce, where it takes to 4 years distributing factories. The zone is very calm, readily accessible, communicated and by far space well to park.
Each encounter is a micro retirement towards the well-being, surrounded by nature is easier to reconnect with our true one to be.
This way we return to the traditional method of education in India, where the students spent the day in “gurukul?, the house of the teacher.

The encounter will be realised in the field near Coín between the 11:00 and the 18:00.
The course structure in 4 encounter, the exact dates is the following:

    Domingo 17 of February
    Domingo 10 of March
    Domingo 7 of April
    Domingo 12 of Mayo

He includes food prepared according to Ayurveda, dossier of notes and tea, in addition to 10% of discount in personal consultation or accessories, you decide.
Each student will receive a Certificate of Attendance when finalizing the 4 classes of the AyurvedaLife Course.

“It is a very recommendable course, distributed of a very didactic and agile form until the point that we match “of the 5 elements? to learn the characteristics of logical form, or massaging our body with autoabhyangam. The contents are very practitioners from the first moment, accompanied with a dossier by each seminary to strengthen the learned thing during the day. The formation fulfilled my expectations completely. I recommend it 100%.
Sara thanks for your generosity at the time of teaching… you have caused that increases my interest by the Ayurveda as preventive science of health?.

ANA MAR?A MART?N MEDEL, participant in the course AyurvedaLife 2018

to 1er Encuentro
1. Intro
Session of pranayama to balance your elements.

2. Elements Nail
Bases and principles of Ayurveda. Theory of elements and its qualities.

3. Tridosha: Dressing gown, Pitta, Kapha and its qualities. Balance and imbalance.

4. Genetic constitution and imbalances…
Customized diagnosis through questionnaires, language and pulse of Prakruti, affected Vikruti, Mind, Weaves

5. Delivery of notebook of observation for self-analysis.

2º Encuentro
1. Round of questions, we shared observations of the self-analysis.

2. We implement
Matutinal and nocturnal daily routine.
Practical factory: Abhyangam, car Ayurveda massage

2. Kala, the time
Organization of schedules of food, dream, exercise, work.

3. Diet
Dóshica feeding. It plans your menu and so there is to your reach.
Emotional and mental function of the different flavors in foods

4. The water
The hydration in your life.

to 3er Encuentro
1. Revision of changes in the present state after a month of change of habits.

2. Breakfast, food and dinner for each constitution for spring.

3. Practical factory: Essential Ayurveda and its benefits: ghee, milk sea bream, honey sea bream, Agni churna, churnas digestive, Kichadi

4º Encuentro
1. Putting common of present state after 2 months of changes of habits.

2. The mind…
Meditation Práctica and Pranayama.

3. Ayurveda remedies in your pantry. It heals to the most common imbalances with spices and grass that there are in your kitchen.

4. Marma, points of energy to heal different imbalances. Revision and practical application of most necessary for your life.

5. Personal Dosha yoga, your daily practice according to your Nature and/or imbalance. Asanas personal.

6. Certificate delivery of Attendance 🙂

Always you are exhausted.
You feel disconnected of same you.
You want to do a sustainable completion to you.
You practice asanas of yoga and you want to complement this with a yóguicas lifestyle and feeding.
It always interested ayurveda to you but it seems to you complicated.
You do not know anything of Ayurveda but to fascinate itself.
You want to lose weight.
You have gauzes and constipation.
You have acidity and problems leather.
The price of the complete course of 4 encounter is 400€, if it is phelp in a single payment.
The price by each session is 110€, the schedule is of 11:00 to 18:00 and it always includes a complete ayurvédica food.

SPECIAL PRICE: If you realise your reserve before the 20 of January the price of the complete course is only 290€ that is due to pay in a single payment.

The payments realised before the 4 of February, also will have a discount, the total price in this case will be 340€ that they will be phelp in a single payment.

Also you can realise the payment of divided way in each encounter, the price by each session are 110€.

If you have some doubt, you do not have more to put a mail to me

In order to reserve your place:

1) It realises the payment by transference, please it includes your name and “AyurvedaLife? in the concept to this account:

Sahira Parveen Shaikh
ING. DIRECT ES12 1465 0100 9720 9875 6413

2) Send an email to me with your name, last names and phone number.

3) Please he reads the conditions


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