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ayurveda food combination

Ayurveda is a millenarian medical science with an integral approach envelope how of maintaining the intact health and of preventing diseases. It determines the correct diet for each individual following the balance between the elements that compose the constitution of each (Dressing gown, Pitta and Kapha.) Whereas the contemporary point of view implies that a correct diet consists to eat a little each food group, Ayurveda explains that without a clear understanding of the individual will not be the balanced diet. Also it is necessary to consider the importance of the gastric fire or agni in the stomach and the rest of the digestive system since it is the fore door by which the nutrients enter weaves and soon happens to each cell to maintain our vital functions.

According to Ayurveda each food has its own flavor (it strickles), a cold energy or warms up (virya) and a post-digestive effect (vipaka). Some in addition have an inexplicable effect called prabhava.

So although agni of each individual determines badly or or that a food digests, the food combinations are also very excellent: when we combined foods whose flavors, post-digestive energies and different effects are agni can be overloaded therefore it inhibits the enzymatic system and it produces toxins. Nevertheless these same taken foods separately can stimulate agni, digest more quickly and even to help to burn toxins or loves.

The incorrect food combination can produce indigestion, fermentation, rotting, creation of gases and, in cases very prolonged, it can produce toxic diseases and states. A good example is the one to mix bananas with milk, this combination reduces agni, changes the intestinal flora, produces toxins and can cause nasal congestion, cough and allergies. Although both foods are of sweet flavor and cold energy, its post-digestive effect is very different since the bananas are bitter whereas milk is sweet. This confuses to our digestive system and can be in the creation from toxins, allergies and other imbalances. Another example is the one of not combining milk with melons, both cool but milk is laxative and the melon is diuretic. Milk digests more slowly and the gastric juice that the digestion of the melon requires causes that milk is become sour, therefore Ayurveda advises against the milk combination with bitter foods.

Before you say that all this is too complicated and leave completely, more down you have some directives that will help you to be assimilating these new concepts. You can begin to eat single fruit since the majority of the fruit forms a “bitter and indigerible wine? in the stomach when it is mixed with other foods. Once you are accustomed to that you can be proving other suggestions of the list. As general principle tries to avoid to mix much crude food with cooked foods or plates just preparations with surpluses of another day.

NonCommas Vegetables With Fruit, cheese, eggs, fish, milk, meat, yogurt

NonCommas Fruit With no other food, although there are exceptions when the fruits cook or the combination of dates with milk since they have the same strickles, virya and vipaka.

NonCommas Cereals With fruit; tapioca

NonCommas Drunk hot With handle, cheese, fish, meat, starch, yogurt

NonCommas Lemon With cucumber, milk, tomato, yogurt

NonCommas Melon With ANYTHING, the melon is due to only eat more than no other fruit

Rabanitos nonCommas With banana, raisins, milk

NonCommas Yogurt With hot fruit, cheese, eggs, fish, drinks, meat, milk

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  1. soul November 30, 2012 AT 4:03 a.m. - Reply

    hello m asks is about which I must understand by combinations
    that is to say, if 6 wings p.m. I have dinner melon after this wing 10 p.m. I have dinner milk with cereal is harmful for the digestion?

    • Sara December 5, 2012 AT 7:21 p.m. - Reply

      No, one treats than takings in a same food. They take generally between 2 and 4 hours in finishing digesting a food completely, so you can have dinner what you want although you have taken melon at noon. Yes I tell you that he is better to have dinner prontito than the body is tired and p.m. does not digest well after the 7/8.

  2. Daniela November 9, 2013 AT 2:27 p.m. - Reply

    With what I can combine the banana? to what category pertecene? I have a table that separates the candy fruits, semiacid and acid, but I do not know how to classify the banana. Thank you very much!

    • Sara November 11, 2013 AT 3:05 p.m. - Reply

      Ayurveda considers the mature banana a heavy, sweet and warm fruit a good food for the autumn when the body needs sweet foods to prepare itself for the winter. It combines well with the dates, figs, the honey and condiments as the cinnamon and the cardamom.

  3. Paula February 8, 2014 AT 8:40 p.m. - Reply

    Hello! thanks for info, I have a doubt, in ayurveda always is recommended to take Lassi at the end of the meals, but before you have eaten Vegetables, is a negative effect?
    Thank you very much!


    • Sara February 16, 2014 AT 3:40 p.m. - Reply

      Lassi digestive fact combining 1/4 cup of yogurt with 2 pinches of gengibre in dust and cumin in dust and one water cup yes will help you to make the digestion. The ideal is to beat lassi before eating so that the species have been based in yogue for when you take it to you at the end of the food.

  4. Peter July 26, 2014 AT 2:40 p.m. - Reply

    I combine papaya or pineapple with loaded heavy meals of proteins and goes that papain and the bromelin do an excellent work in the stomach, since both enzymes, unlike the pepsin of the stomach, work in a rank ample of PH within the acid stomach, that is to say as as much alkaline.
    Also, papaya with natural yogurt without refined sugar added is a very beneficial combination for the complete digestive system, since papain helps the lactobacilos of yogurt to survive the acids of the stomach and thus they can arrive at the intestinal flora with life

    • Sara August 24, 2014 AT 11:34 a.m. - Reply

      Peter thanks, I will investigate the subject… of course does not agree with the ayurvédica recommendation, although certainly this science also contemplates exceptions, especially when the body is accustomed to certain combinations. The one of the papaya with yogurt is almost lassi!

  5. Luis Puente November 16, 2014 AT 4:25 a.m. - Reply

    Considered excellent recommendation I congratulate them are a wonderful page. I habitually have a doubt veran consume yogurt with together bread and banana tree for breakfast and feel heavy the digestion. As he would have to consume them? It would be first yogurt well and after two hours the banana tree and the bread?

  6. Laura March 27, 2015 AT 12:06 a.m. - Reply

    I have a doubt, is bad to mix, the apple or the cucumber with milk?

    • Sara March 31, 2015 AT 8:19 a.m. - Reply

      Better not to mix no fruit with milk, only the dates digest well with milk. It is recommended at least to eat the always single fruit or before other foods.
      I hope that this helps you.

  7. Marlinda June 22, 2015 AT 6:25 p.m. - Reply

    AMOR LEE THIS, already I understand because I am malllllllll

  8. Omar November 11, 2015 AT 5:50 a.m. - Reply

    And if all my life I have combined those foods? yogurt with fruits, fruits with cereals, milk with fruits and cereals, all practically the inadvisable one of the article. I have had problems neither malaises to do those combinations nor the other “worse ones?. My doubt is if we can accustom to the body to those types of feeding.

    • Sara November 19, 2015 AT 4:10 p.m. - Reply

      And how you are Omar? You have some excuse? Sometimes we passed years with allergies, gases, heat rashes, etc. thinking that they do not have solution or that “we are thus? and nevertheless correcting some habits in our daily routines, disappear.

  9. VICENTE January 9, 2016 AT 9:39 a.m. - Reply

    Hello I have a little GAVE

    • Sara January 13, 2016 AT 8:42 p.m. - Reply

      Vaya Vicente, I feel it, with the important thing that it is the good one for eating and the good digestion. Read these recommendations to you to improve your digestive capacity (it is what causes gases):
      If the ginger appetizer is to you very hard with lemon, only take it to you.
      Early dinner and incorporates this prescription in your menu:
      It is a stew nutritious, easy to digest and curative… without knowing more details on your constitution, I do not dare to tell you more. Take care that paying attention to which you eat and how you eat it you can improve, surely.

  10. Maribel March 6, 2016 AT 11:42 a.m. - Reply

    When banana-milk talks about to the combination, one talks about to the one of cow? what has of you milk vegetal (rice, almonds) or the one of the Coco, would some combine well? I almost every day have tea a banana milkshake with vegetal and not milk if I am doing it fatal.

    • Sara March 8, 2016 AT 5:25 p.m. - Reply

      yes, the one of cow does not have to be mixed with any fruit. the vegetables can be mixed.

  11. Beatriz January 15, 2017 AT 10:41 p.m. - Reply

    Hello… does the watermelon that in English is watermelon also consider melon?
    To the breakfast a fruit juice then does not obey to how long go accompanied a cereal… between both things serious advisable.

    • Sara January 20, 2017 AT 6:11 p.m. - Reply

      Yes She sees, as much the watermelon as the melon is better to take them single. In beaten I throw something to them of mint or ginger, gives to a rich and digestive touch 😉

  12. SANDRA January 31, 2017 AT 11:52 a.m. - Reply

    Hello… it makes or take in the morning in uninformed dangerous of milk of almonds, melon, banana and oats bran… ace times I also throw chia. .será that I am doing or. .pois soon later I go to the gymnasium… Gracias

    • Sara February 11, 2017 AT 6:03 p.m. - Reply

      Hello Sandra, in uninformed the best lukewarm water, if you want with juice of Lima or lemon and honey. Awhile taerde you can more take the milkshake but without the melon. Or be from time to time done the milkshake only of melon, if you want with ginger so that he is more digestive. The better always single melon and the watermelon.


  13. Gonzalo January 22, 2018 AT 1:04 a.m. - Reply

    Hello! Exist some do course, book or something to learn but on this healthful subject and to be but the possible thing? Greetings and thank you very much by the information!

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