Oats with the Coco and toasted sesame

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Breakfast for mornings cold, with this combination of coconut oil, water plus flakes of the Coco and seeds toasts dusted superficially we obtained breakfast creamy and rich without to throw of milky… that is nutritious but sometimes when there is winter snots do not desire, and nevertheless we needed a calentito and forceful breakfast that maintains assets to us until the noon. Sesame will give to vitality and the extra calorcito you that lacks in the cold months. The Coco is peculiar because in spite of being a nutritious food it improves the metabolic function and its oil contains good fats that they easily digest like oats that guarantees a good intestinal transit thanks to its high soluble and insoluble fiber content.
If you are a fragile bit, you suffer of insomnia or litters of the nerves, this breakfast will help you to calm dressing gown and it will give the force you to surpass those preoccupations that the low temperatures increase.

3 nosey spoonfuls of the shredded Coco or in flakes
1 nosey spoonful of coconut oil
1 cup of oatmeal
1 sugar teaspoon
1 salt pinch
3 nosey spoonfuls of sesame seeds
3 water cups


It boils 2 water cups, when it is in boiling, low the fire and adds to the sugar and coconut oil. Leave it to fire under while you grind oats in a pinwheel.
It toasts the sesame seeds and the Coco to average fire until they are gilded, often removes so that they are not burned.
It mixes oats with a water cup of the time, it adds salt and throws it to the dipper with the hot water with coconut oil and sugar. It raises the fire and it removes constantly until it boils again. Low the fire and cooks the mixture until the water has been absorbed and oats has a creamy consistency.
Serve it with the Coco and toasted sesame.

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