Puree of pumpkin with the Coco “Kaddu Bharta?

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An autumnal super prescription, the pumpkin is perfect to balance dressing gown that can get out of order with the arrival of the autumn. This delicate mixture of cardamom, fennel and juice of Lima balances the flavor of this puree dulzón. When taking the Coco and nuts the final texture is unexpectedly crisp for a more nutritious puree and when adding protein, and what ayurveda considers an effect warm, perfect now that has finished the summer.
Rations: 4

455 grs of pumpkin cooked to the steam
4 spoonfuls of butter without salt or ghee
2 teaspoons of crushed seeds of fennel
½ teaspoon of crushed seeds of cardamom
1-2 green without seed and cut teaspoons of chilis (optional)
2-3 spoonfuls of brown sugar or sirope of maple
1 salt teaspoon
¼ cup of the shredded Coco toasted until it is gilded
¼ cup of nuts toasts
2 spoonfuls zuno of Lima or lemon

It cuts and it peels the pumpkin. If still it has seeds, remove them next to the fibers that surround them.
Pass it through the beater until obtaining a smooth puree.

It warms up 3 spoonfuls of butter or ghee in a frying pan anti adherent to low fire. When he is hot and throwing foam, it adds the seeds of fennel, cardamom and chili green. To the few seconds it adds the pumpkin puree, the sugar and salt. It removes until it is thicker, will take about 5 minutes.

Before serving it adds to the Coco and the nuts toasts, remaining butter and the juice of Lima.

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