Brócoli to the steam with Ginger and toasted Sesame

brocoli to the steam with gengibre and toasted sesame

Brócoli has bad fame, people have odd habit to him to this vegetable that really deserves an opportunity by its high content in vitamin c, beta-carotene, folic acid, calcium and fiber, and because preparation does not have well why to be boring. The problem am that people usually cook brócoli too much time, I likes when its green tone is intensified, that not yet has given time him to darken itself nor to fade, and that follows a crisp bit please. Yes it is certain that to the being of the same family who the cabbage, cauliflower and the schools of Brussels can have an effect of cooling and slowness on the body, for that reason in this prescription it is combined with fresh ginger shredded and sesame, both with opposite properties to brócoli, creating therefore a balanced plate….and rich.


2 heads medians of brócoli
3 water cups
2 cms by root of shredded fresh ginger
3 spoonfuls of seeds of crude sesame
A soybean sauce dribble


It cuts brócoli in medium pieces, of about 2 cms of diameter and ponlo to cook to the steam with 3 water cups, adds to the ginger and the sauce of soybean and mixes it. Cook it about 15 minutes until brócoli is tender but nonpast. Meanwhile it warms up a heavy basic frying pan to toast the sesame seeds until they have a golden color and you smell his fragant aroma.
Once ready brócoli, dusts it with toasted sesame. Delicious served with white rice or tagliatelle.

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