Magdalenas de Plátano (without egg)

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These are my classic magdalenas, with which I have worn for the first time in the world of the bakery/pastry shop. They are easiest and fast to do, the best thing is than this prescription is a perfect starting point to create variations for all the pleasures.
Having lived some years in California, I try that the result is more possible similarity to “breakfast muffin?, something sanote with cereals without processing that one eats without spoon and fills the belly to you until the hour to eat but you can replace the integral flour by one refined and to add more fine and commercial sugar if you want something lighter. They take little sugar, but the banana and you happen increase the sweetness of nutritious way. If you are very [email protected], 😉 throws more sweetener not to leave [email protected]
With these amounts they leave 6 extreme-great magdalenas, so large muffin American.
Following the prescription exactly, these magdalenas lower Dressing gown, they do not affect to Pitta and they raise Kapha. In ayurveda leavening is not used generally but in these proportions and without eating them in excess no Vedaic doctor or Vhelpya it would worry about its effects on your health.


2 mature great bananas
1/4 cup (about 57 grams) of melted butter or about 54 grams of oil of girasol*
1/4 cup (about 80 grams) of sirope of maple or about 75 grams of integral sugar
1/4 (1 gram) of teaspoon of worn out cardamom (optional)
1/4 (1 gram) of teaspoon of worn out cinnamon (optional)
2 dates cut in small small pieces or a puñadito of you happen
1 cup and 1/4 (150 grams) of integral flour
2 teaspoons (10 ml) of chemical leavening
1 salt pinch

* if you use sunflower oil these magdalenas are 100% veganas!


It preheats the furnace to 150ºC.
It crushes bananas in a great earthen bowl and adds butter and sirope (or sugar), mixes it until obtaining a cream (you do not worry if they are banana pieces that way).
It adds to the dates or raisins and the species (if you are going them to use).
In another earthen bowl, it mixes the leavening with the flour integral-with the time I have learned to be adding to the ingredients droughts to the humid ones little by little according to I am sifting the flour mixture with leavening with the help of a strainer of fine hole (they also sell tamizadores). I add to a little flour + leavening to the great earthen bowl and mix, when the flour is not seen, I add little another more. That it does not surprise you that the bran of the integral flour remains in the strainer, you throw it to the mixture and it already is, this step assures to you that the leavening does not remain compressed. If it gives laziness you, jumps this step to you and you finish before.
“The magdaleneros? experts recommend to mix enough so that the ingredients are integrated, but not more since a hiper-mixed mass is in less tender magdalenas.
The following thing is or to lubricate the mold of the magdalenas or to put paper capsules to him.
Stuffed the mold with the mixture and mételo in the furnace about 25 minutes or until an inserted small stick in center of the magdalena leaves clean.
It leaves cool off totally before eating.

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  1. Minu February 16, 2012 AT 2:26 p.m. - Reply

    These enchant to me!

  2. Maria November 27, 2014 AT 9:55 a.m. - Reply

    Very rich! Thanks for the prescription!

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