Digestive Lassi

Lassi is a typical drink of the India that consists of beating yogurt with water of the time. Whereas yogurt only can congest the body, lassi is a fantastic digestive, when reducing yogurt with water changes its molecular structure thus facilitating its assimilation. According to Ayurveda the bacterium of yogurt helps to lubricate the internal, it eliminates bad bacteria and it adds you raise digestive reducing therefore to gases and the swelling.

His it is to prepare it in time so that the ingredients have time to be combined or, you can take to take it accompanying it the rest by the right menu or after eating.

Toodos the ingredients must be to room temperature.

1 part yogurt
3 parts water
A pinch of the following spices: ginger, cumin, salt and black pepper

To by hand beat all the ingredients or with beater.

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