Cookies of Butter

cakes without egg

These ayurvédicas cakes are not nothing, but the prohibitions are not it either, while you do not allow too much and you eat the 24 cakes to you that only leave with this prescription you, does not pass anything to do them from time to time. Days are conserved well during some, are perfect for when the visits come and they do not contain mysterious ingredients neither they have been packagings during neither-self-knows how long. They do not take egg and if you change butter by a soybean margarine, you have cakes veganas.
The function of “glue? in this prescription makes yogurt or also you can use buttermilk, a milky drink that sells in Lidl that is consumed much in Germany, East Europe and zones of Asia although in Spain are little well-known. We will already speak of milk and his derivatives in some article since for some time criticism much to milky in circles of alternative health and the fodder that are shades that deserve to be commented.
I am going to develop some more digestive cakes because yes it is truth that Ayurveda says to us that generally the cakes and the cakes cause kapha, slow down the circulation, create snot and increase of weight little desirable effects truth?
In the meantime, it removes the beater that these cakes are very rich and they become fast.

(185 3/4 ml) butter
(125 1/2 ml) @panela tradition
1 nosey spoonful yogurt or buttermilk
1 1/2 cups (375 ml) flour
2 1/4 teaspoons (10.5 gr.) leavening
1/2 teaspoon (3 gr.) salt

It warms up the furnace to 180ºC.
It beats butter with the sugar until obtaining a ligerita mixture.
It adds to yogurt or buttermilk and goes it all good to you.

It mixes the flour with the leavening in a separated earthen bowl and add it little by little to the mixture of butter, sugar and yogurt. I like to sift the flour when throwing it to the earthen bowl of the humid ingredients to assure to me that are not compressed leavening small balls. Assure to you that the flour is mixed well with the others.

It separates the mixture in 24 small balls, flattens them with the hand and ponlas on a leaf of film in the tray of the furnace.

Leave them in the furnace between 15 and 20 minutes or until the cakes are sea breams.

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