Rice with Milk

The rice with milk is a classic one in the world of desserts, this prescription comes from Orissa, a coastal state of the east of India, in particular of the kitchens of the Temple of Jaganatha, in the city of Puri where it takes preparing as I describe here for 2000 years. The result is a rice with creamy and sweet milk with a nice touch of cardamom that in addition to flavorful neutralizes the effect of snot production that has the milk, generally this is a plate tonic that maintains to you with the feet on the Earth, good for dressing gown and pitta. To kapha it can come to reduce ghee/butter to them well and the sugar (or to omit the candy completely and to add honey when serving), I recommend to take small portions and thus to exercise your force of will! This prescription they leave 8 portions.


2 nosey spoonfuls of ghee or butter without salt
3/4 cup of washed and dry long rice
1/2 laurel leaf
2 liters of milk
1/2 brown sugar cup
1/4 cup of you happen
1/2 teaspoon of worn out seeds of cardamom
1 nosey spoonful of nuts toasts to decorate


It warms up ghee or butter in a heavy basic dipper and approximately toasts the rice during a minute.

It adds to the leaf of laurel and milk. When it boils, low the fire and leaves continues boiling untimed fire until the original volume is reduced in the middle of, tosses around from time to time.

It adds the sugar, you pass and the cardamom, and mantén the baking to untimed fire until it lowers to a quarter of its original volume, has a creamy consistency and it thickens.

It leaves one cools off and serves it with the nuts toasts.

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