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The characteristics of the month of January, do it a perfect month for the rest, the contemplation and the reflection, is the ideal moment to close the previous year after the frenetic activity of the celebrations and to begin the new calendar from the calm and La Paz.

In the nature also there is a pause before appearing again of the spring, is the moment for establishing new habits. It is useful to hibernate, to lower the rate and to focus to you towards your interior: you have some objective that you would like to reach as far as your physical health? How you are going to focus your spiritual growth east year? To write in a newspaper is the perfect way to be shaping your thoughts, revelations and intentions facing the future… when you feel comfortable, you can speak these subjects with near people and to finish, you do a list of the changes that you want to do and the steps necessary to implement them.

In Ayurveda, January is the month of transition between time Dressing gown and Kapha time: during the season Dressing gown the body is tried to protect of the temperatures in reduction and winds droughts of the autumn. As much Vata and Kapha are cold, nevertheless this manifest cold of different ways in each dosha. The cold flood to the people Dressing gown of fear, anxiety and hyperactivity, the cold Dressing gown is characterized by the chills, nevertheless the cold in Kapha is heavier and quiet, it makes want you to hibernate, he is the type of cold that turns a lake into an ice solid body.
It does not surprise you that you feel less energy at this time of the year, in China medicine considers the month of January as the moment more yin of the year a time to recover and to reconstruct weaves, to rest and to dedicate themselves to the reflection before returning to the action in the middle of March.
At physical level the heart rate slows down, the body concentrates almost all your blood in the central part maintaining your hot internal organs in addition this causes that we have major digestive capacity and for that reason increases the appetite to us.

The routine that Ayurveda recommends for January consists of lowering the rate, reflecting and to dream, plants the seeds that will bloom in spring.
To sleep well is a priority during this time: to lie down to the 22:00 and to rise with the sun, without feeling to you forced to rise early much more since it is moment for hibernating. In order to support this rate of dream, the ideal is to have finished having dinner with the fall of the sun.
It continues making daily automasajes to maintain the hydrous good skin you, this additional oil layer also will maintain calentita to you.
The lungs and the nose need more care during this season, so wash to you to the nostrils on a daily basis with a Neti pot and apply Nasya oil to maintain the health of your respiratory system.
You will maintain your circulatory system in march if also you practice respiratory exercises (Pranayama) followed of smooth movements as yoga, qigong or taichi. You choose the type of movement that you choose, deals to you with smoothness.
It deepens in some contemplative activity, mantén a newspaper of your dreams or practices smooth and creative activities as the point, the drawing or writes a new song. The calm of the winter is fertile ground for the creative exploration, I know honest and changes your bad habits now. It plants the seeds that you want that they germinate this spring.


As far as diet during the month of January, you will notice that you are less gluttonous and with less desire of heavy meals, this is reflected of the change of season Dressing gown to Kapha season: your body already has developed an additional fat capita to isolate to the body during the autumn. It is good idea to diminish the amount of heavy and milky cereals to be diminishing the proportion in your body since but it will leave in spring in the form of allergies, etc. The cereals that agree to you are millet, quinoa, the wheat saracen and basmati integral because they have a rough quality that does them lighter. It avoids heavy breads and the wheat.
Even so the plates agree calentitos and with substance because it is cold on the street: broths with vegetables, especially light subterranean vegetables as the parsnips, the carrots or the beet since they feed without being as heavy as the potatoes, in addition coax to him to your body so that the cycle of natural chemical decontamination begins that begin in February, perhaps even enter desire to you to take bitter flavors after the long rest from the summer and the autumn.
If Pitta dosha is not in excess in your constitution you can take grapefruits that with their flavors acid and bitter will help to maintain the hot body you, the oranges, that are also of season in winter, are also advised in spite of being less bitter.
Sharp meals and spices as this soup, or any broth that takes ginger, turmeric, laurel or pepper will help you to mobilize fluid while you maintain a suitable corporal temperature to balance the climate of January. The cinnamon, for example, help to maintain the sugar in well-balanced blood. The asafétida one, fenugreco and black cumin are warm spices and bitter ideals for Vata and Kapha during the winter. Of dessert to Kapha it feels some well to him pears to the furnace with cinnamon, for example.

Of the Ayurvédica pharmacopoeia, the bitter grass as the Chitrak and the Shilajit are perfect in January because they create heat and a desintoxicante action that the effects of the winter balance, Chitrak is a tonic of thermal properties that is often used in formulas for the loss of weight. Shilajit is a powerful rejuvenecedor that cleans to the urinary tract and the lungs while it contributes forces and it supports to the immune system. The Trikatu is a cardiac tonificante that mobilizes the blood, improves the digestive function so it makes you feel to you light and energetics.
Pushkaramool balances so much to Dressing gown as to Kapha, he is especially useful in respiratory problems of excess of humidity of Kapha type, this is a very typical picture at this time of the year. Finally, Triphala, a combination of grass that promotes the intestinal movement whereas it tones and it decontaminates your body smoothly.

When feeding to you with season ingredients and listening to the ills of your body, you will begin the cycle of cleaning and loss of the accumulated weight during the autumn with naturalness during the month of January.

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