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The use of genjibre in Ayurveda is so ample that a medicine kit in itself is considered, is sutra (verse) ayurvédico that says that everybody would have to eat genjibre fresh before eating and to have dinner to improve its digestion. In addition to animating the gastric juice, it opens the appetite, it improves the assimilation and transport of nutrients to concrete weaves and opens the microcirculatory channels of the body.
Genjibre only presents contraindications in cases of hiper-acidity, during any type of hemorrhage (including the menstruation), if you have vertigo or some chronic disease leather.

To part of in those situations, gengibre is an excellent species that can be used on a daily basis, I I do it along with the seeds of mustard, cumin, turmeric and the asafétida one. I scrape the skin of the rhizome generally and I shred it with a fine grater. Habiéndole can be added before the other species removed the juice first thus does not stick to the bottom of the frying pan, and we add the juice more ahead. On the contrary, you can skip the first other species and add gengibre the last one without to him to have squeezed the juice.


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