It improves your digestion

Or we have spoken of the importance of the digestion of foods in ayurvédica science, and if notes that yours are heavy or slow you will know the discomfort that is to feel swollen after eating. I had a time at which she ate what ate my belly was inflated as a ball, in addition to ugly era molestísimo. A routine life had thrown me a year of trip taking little, generally cooking little and eating more of the necessary thing and it got annoyed the digestion, kapha by clouds and agni to me (digestive fire) by grounds. With following the indications that I leave the annoyances here you they disappeared, by all means that to combine foods well and to make case than also requests your constitution will help you.

[box type=? shadow?] - agni Stimulates: Tomato 1/2 teaspoon of shredded fresh ginger with a mineral salt pinch before eating, thus you will stimulate agni, the energy that is in charge to process foods in the stomach.
It drinks sorbitos of lukewarm water: Water taking small sorbos warms up every 10 or 15 minutes throughout the day, you will see as in 2 weeks notes an improvement in your digestion, the stomach must be or hydrated to realise its function and the hot water hydrates much more that the cold one. You never drink cold water during the meals since it slows down the digestion and it extinguishes agni, preventing the absorpción of the nutrients that we ingested, in fact we would not have to never take cold water, too much hard supposes a shock for the stomach that needs certain temperature to be able to do its work.
It chews! Nothing to devour the food without crushing, is necessary to chew or so that the foods are mixed or with the saliva.
Be done lassi: Tomato lassi digestive after eating that the digestive process will help.
The amount yes matters: The ideal is to fill to the stomach a third part of food, another third of liquid and the last third would have to be empty.
Be done an infusion digestivaEsta infu has as ingredients cooking species easy to find and it is prepared in santiamén. Tomato sorbitos throughout the day, you will see how it helps you.
It eats happy: your mood at the time of eating is almost more important that what you eat and when you eat it. Concentrate to you in which you are doing, you do not see the TV, nor you read a book, chats enough (without nobody with you gets upset)

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  1. Narayan May 8, 2017 AT 9:12 p.m. - Reply

    Hello, I am Narayan and for a long time I have many problems of nutritional intolerances that are pronounced in allergic (comezón in all the body). I was with many doctors and retires several foods among them the Gluten. Nevertheless the hard improvement very little when it reincorporates what the doctors allowed me. I am Pitta and I wonder myself if you can advise me to improve my health.

    • Sara May 31, 2017 AT 7:57 a.m. - Reply

      Hello Narayan, we can make a consultation by Skype if you do not live in Malaga. writes to me to Sara (at sign) to arrange appointment.

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