The summer in your body

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When we thought about the summer, we thought about which it happens in our surroundings: longer days, the sun warming up the Earth, the sea calling to you to that you bathe and warm breezes. But how pronounced is the summer in your interior?
Ayurveda explains that we are part of the nature and what macro is pronounced at level also pronounces at micro level, that is to say that what it is happening in our surroundings also is happening at certain level in our own internal chemistry. But what signals of summer show our bodies?

One of the keys to the health in Ayurveda is the Agni or digestive fire, during calorazo summer everything in the nature seems more vulnerable and delicate, the same happens with your agni. Our digestive capacity is less robust during the summer, certainly you have heard much people say that in summer it has less appetite, and for that reason the nature provides foods easier to digest. You can stimulate your digestion with grass as cumin and fennel, and only taking the foods that grow in this season since usually they are less dense and heavy than winter vegetables. The nature also provides sweet fruits and foods that calm the internal heat such as the cucumber or the coriander that is good in salads, in skipped or as a snack in themselves. The juice of cucumber or the cucumber milk is a refreshing super drink while the temperatures are so high, and easy to prepare, the prescription is here.

The summer also is pronounced in the skin, externally is necessary to have well-taken care of with not burning itself since our skin becomes more vulnerable to the heat of this season, but at internal level also it is necessary to take precautions since pitta is expressed through the skin as it extends by our body. When pitta is unbalanced, something that happens with greater facility in summer, often irritations and inflammations in the skin in addition to red heat rashes or acne are seen. If you have tendency to these buds, it tries to take grass that cools the body as nim, guduchi or manjista that balances pitta and maintains the healthy skin. The aloe juice side can also help internal level as much as external.

By all means that funniest of the summer brings it the extra hours of light which they mean picnics, bathrooms to the dusk or dinners outdoors. There is some corner of your life to which you would like to give more light? You can illuminate some area of your life that you have left? Often when we neglect emotions or experiences which we are not wanted to face usually return to incordiarnos at inopportune moments: to throw a little light in those dark zones can decontaminate, clean and renew to us. The long days can also mean more time and energy to do what you like, the sun is a natural source of energy and its capacity to raise spirits is very well well-known. What you are going to do with this extra energy that leaves rejuvenated and animated you? If it seems to you that the heat that it provides to you is excessive, you always can make a table of smooth yoga that maintains pitta balanced and the controlled heat.

As conclusion, if we observed other beings in this planet we will see that they lie down to take the life with a slower rate to avoid to overheat itself under solano summery, the additional hours of light it does not mean that you must realise more activities than they unbalance pitta (those for which you must be extreme-motivated, ambitious and hyperactive). On the contrary, the old ayurvédicos texts recommend that in summer one enjoys a chilly shade in some beautiful gardens, refreshing water and tranquilizing rays of the moon, if it is in company of sweet friendships, harmonious melodies and glad laughter, because better than better.
So ahead! it finds the summer in your interior, enjoys everything what offers this season, surrounds by your sweet and refreshing loved ones in addition to activities and foods to you.


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