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There are three Ayurvédicas seasons that correspond with the three doshas: Dressing gown, Pitta and Kapha. These seasons agree with changes in the climate instead of with the lunar cycles, each change of station affects as much to the human psychophysiology as it stimulates changes in the life of a tree or any other plant.
We are compound of the same elements and forces that the rest of the beings in the nature and we existed between the constant to happen of a cosmic ecological system to which we must ourselves be adapting continuously. Whereas the rest of the kingdom animal lives very instinctively in harmony with these forces, the humans, thanks to our freedom, often we chose a lifestyle that contradicts our internal nature and when we inopportunely lived long periods with these innate rates, are unbalanced doshas and inevitably some type arises from disease. So it is important to be proactive in this to live in agreement with the season it benefits much to us!

The Kapha season covers the months with the end of the winter and the principle of the spring, more or less from mid February until the end of May. The main elements of Kapha are the Earth and the Water, their qualities are the humidity, the cold, the slowness, the smoothness, the stickiness and the calm. If we were on the awares we see the external changes of this humid season and fries, but these characteristics are also reflected in the subtler internal processes of the body. Just as a storm it is possible to be turned into a flood, the corporal fluids can also saturate corporal weaves causing to sensation of slowness in the body and the mind. How to avoid or to diminish the colds and allergies (body) and depre (mind) that usually attacks at this time? Here some suggestions go:

It seasons according to the season: The USA more gengibre. It chooses species as cumin, fennel, the pepper and turmeric. Extraction toxins drinking hot water throughout the day. It contemplates the possibility of eating little during a day: it takes soups, fruit (crude or cooked), juices, infusions and kichadi.

It avoids foods that they congest: Carbohydrates refinings as the wheat, milky of industrial origin, the refined sugar and high fat foods.

Salt and enjoys: The exercise at this time of the year is especially good, is better half an hour to do of exercise every day that one hour three times to the week. There are studies that demonstrate that the aerobic exercise as running, swimming and to make hiking is good as much for the body as the mind.

Be done a Spring Purification, you deserve it to you.



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  1. Cristina March 25, 2013 AT 4:54 p.m. - Reply

    He is very interesting, I am discovering a little the Ayurveda, and this article seems to me very interesting. Thanks to write it.

    Cristina Around a tea cup

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      I am glad Cristina, you do not doubt in would contact is to me you have some question in particular. Greetings, Sara

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    Sara, I am of Argentina and I have greasy liver. I approached ayurveda just now, as a way to heal. It really seems super interesting, and everything has AS MUCH SENSE! I am Kapha Dressing gown! greetings,

    • Sara May 4, 2013 AT 6:27 p.m. - Reply

      What Carolina good, also has benefitted me much ayurveda, at physical and emotional level also. Spirit and you do not doubt in sharing your experiences.

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    I this liking much prescriptions i everything thank you very much

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