Beaten Ice cream of Watermelon

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It was happened to us to freeze a watermelon cut in small pieces because we went away of trip and we did not want to waste it… to the return to house the temperatures have raised so I have filled the beater with the frozen watermelon, a dribble of sirope of maple and I have given the terminal velocity….refreshing the exquisite and super result.
Ayurveda recommends the watermelon in summer for being so good to regulate pitta dosha, when digesting quickly, is recommendable to take the single watermelon or as snack between meals. If it is mixed in the digestive tract with other foods, even fruits, that take more in digesting, the watermelon no longer can travel by your body to its habitual supersonic. In the consequent clogging, bacteria can attack the watermelon fermenting it and producing gases.
So nothing, to take liters from dangerous of watermelon that in addition contains beta carotenes and antioxidants as lycopenes and vitamin c.

Frozen mature watermelon in small pieces
Sirope de Arce to the taste (optional)

To put watermelon congealed in beater with sufficient water so that it is the consistency that you like and to ignite.

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