Yogi infusion

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This infusion is flavorful and warms up the body as no other thanks to the spice combination that takes. In winter some cups of “Yogi Tea? can help you to repel an incipient cold and to eliminate the chills of the influenza. It purifies the blood, the lungs and the circulatory system.
Milk (it is of vegetal cow or) smooths to the effect of the species on the stomach and the intestine, so you do not stop adding milk to him if you are sensible or of constitution pìtta.

2 liters of water
15 nails
20 grains of pepper
3 branches of cinnamon
20 cases of cardamom (assure to you that they are open)
9 1/2 slices of gengibre fresh of centimeter in thickness
Milk of cow or vegetable to the pleasure
Honey to the pleasure


The water boils.

It adds the nail and boils it during a minute.

It adds the pepper in grain, the cinnamon, the cardamom and gengibre fresh.
She To untimed fire boils until it is 1 liter of liquid.
Strain it, you add to milk and honey to the taste and enjoy the flavor…

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  1. It avoids January 5, 2015 AT 8:04 p.m. - Reply

    There am it preparation does awhile, she is delicious! In my case I have taken it with milk from hazelnut because it is my favorite, and has been very well. Thanks.

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