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Instead of a frothy coffee, this rainy morning I have taken a beaten calentita milk with an intense infusion of malt, tastes bitter to the coffee without the accelerating effect of “ína?. The barley malt is sold in the great chains of supermarket, usually is hidden in the section of coffees, also you can buy the version saw in the herbalists. It has digestive properties just as the chicory, another good substitute of the coffee.

In addition to flavors, the textures than we also eat is important, when beating milk we obtained that its habitual slowness falls I take the foam to spoonfuls. This prescription can be done with milk of cow, soybean or almonds the ecological version always better.

200 ml of milk of cow, soybean or almonds
a nosey spoonful of malt or chicory
50 ml of water
2 cases of cardamom (optional)
a pinch of dust cinnamon to dust upon milk (optional)

It changes the proportions of the ingredients until obtaining the maltaccino that goes to him more to your palate: first the water with the malt or the chicory in a small dipper for greater intensity of flavor boils. Meanwhile it warms up milk, in case of using cow milk, adds the cardamom seeds since they diminish the mucosity creation that have milky ones. Once it warms up, coje minipimer and it beats the surface of milk until securing the amount of foam that you want.
Milk in a glass throws, it later adds to the infusion of malt or chicory and observes how the ingredients are mixed and separated. If you like the cinnamon, she dusts a little upon milk, in addition to flavor she will balance the cold effects of milk (he is vegetal or not). Feel to you and it enjoys your maltaccino!

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