There is no better way to fight calorazo summer that with homemade lemonade, in India calls Nimbu Pani and you will see it puestecillos selling this refreshing drink in each corner. This prescription is prepared with cold water but ice is not added to him, generally in Ayurveda the very cold things are avoided since they inhibit the production of gastric juice and medium term they cause that the body raises of temperature. That sensation of coolness in the mouth is brief and counter-productive.
Another characteristic of this refreshment is that it contains the 3 flavors or strickles more nutritious for our body: candy, salty and bitter. Yes salty, is added to him to a pinch of rock salt or salt flower of that helps to maintain the body hydrated in spite of the sweats, if in addition you have little appetite for that reason of the heat, the lemon will increase your desire to eat since it stimulates pitta.

1 juice cup and average of lemon just expressed (375 ml)
3/4 integral cane sugar cup (185ml)
8 cold water cups


It combines the juice of lemon and the sugar in a dipper to average fire. It hopes to that it boils while you remove mantenlo on the verge of boiling 10 minutes. Clear it of the fire and you leave cools off totally.

It mixes sirope of already cold lemon with the cold water in a great jar.

Ready to serve.

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