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A Guía Ayurvédica to pass the station calmly dressing gown and balance

The autumn is a transition station, the trees and shrubs undress quiet preparing itself for the winter, the Earth is darkened, and the temperatures that until recently turraban to us begin to refresh. The autumn shelters a certain minimalism that allows us to undress to us until our simpler essence, is one season full of possibilities.
Also it is the air, the breezes that begin to group themselves to bring the winter to us with their breathing. This element predominates air, so prana, the vital breath, the subtle essence of life, abounds in our surroundings. The autumn is dry, rough, erratic, fresh, subtle and is transparent dressing gown dosha shares all these qualities and as the similar increases the similar, the autumn as the station is considered dressing gown. This pillar of ayurveda is in which we were based to give you some advice who will help you to spend a healthy autumn and balance.

As what it serves to adapt your routine to the change of station?

Ayurveda considers to follow a seasonal routine one of the bases of the health, you can balance the characteristics of your local climate making decisions in your lifestyle that avoid upheavals in your well-being, thus maintaining your health all the year. We consider that the climatic seasons change much from a site to another one, so, it is the month that is, the “season? dressing gown is that one that more common characteristics has with dressing gown dosha: dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, movable and it is transparent (or emptiness). The autumn is the season classic dressing gown, but perhaps following where cheers the expansive qualities of dressing gown prevail in your surroundings during the summer and to the autumn perhaps it follows a very dry and cold winter by far wind to him.

The observation of your surroundings from this qualitative perspective gives the possibility you of reacting to the changes in your local climate of daily way and season to season.
The case is that already we lie down to adapt our habits to the climate of unconscious way, for example, in summer usually we eat more good salads and watermelon antidotes to the heat. Nevertheless for October and November we are preparing succulent breads to accompany calentitas vegetable creams that delimit the dry nature, light and erratic of the autumn. These decisions and changes in your diet and lifestyle will help to maintain your internal sense you of the balance throughout the year.

Dressing gown without Turbulences sails by the Season

Considering the ayurvédico principle of which the opposed ones balance to us, the season dressing gown (it fries, light, dry, with unpredictable wind and) will affect less to you if the floods of warmth, oleaginosidad, deep nutrition, loving relations and a sensation of stability. In addition it will come you well to know the symptoms unbalanced dressing gown to be able to palliate them immediately if they appear, these recommendations are appropriate for almost everybody, but you know which is your constitution, you will be able to fit your seasonal routine to your type of ayurvédico constitution.

Diet for Season Dressing gown

Your diet is a very powerful way to calm dressing gown this autumn: it chooses heavy, oily with many nutritious properties and high foods in good fats. Ripen them with warm and stimulating spices, and serve them calentitos to maintain to you internally hydrated, thus you will have the Earth feet during the season dressing gown. They agree to you plus the sweet, acid flavors and salty, generally, he is better to eat cooked plates, blanditos (crisp vegetable creams instead of crackers with lettuce) accompanied by a teaspoon of oil or ghee.
At this time of the year the kings of the breakfast are the cooked cereals: creams of oats, tapioca, rice or wheat (I will put more prescriptions, you do not worry) and that your meals and dinners include verduritas to the steam, cereals substantial, soups and stewed to maintain the feet in the Earth and that internal hydration that is in danger with dry and cold surroundings. If takings milky products, this is good time to take them, almost all the seeds and nuts are good also.
It tries to reduce your consumption of crude vegetables, meals cold and frozen in addition to the bitter, pungent flavors and astringents. He is better to maintain light foods, that they cool and they dry out to the minimum, reduces therefore the consumption of brócoli, cabbage, cauliflower, I appear, germinated, white potatoes, vegetables, popcorn, crackers, millet and fruits droughts. Cómelos in moderation and assures to you to soak the fruits droughts and the vegetables, to cook it all good and to serve them accompanied as ghee.

Perhaps throughout the autumn you notice more appetite, they ten well-taken care of to follow you rule of your digestion and not to eat with the head. This type monkey is a good moment to do detox diet, a fasting in season dressing gown is not advisable since he agrees to you to nourish your weaves instead of to debilitate them depriving them of foods.

In the following article, one lists detailed of foods to take, you do not change of channel 😉

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